IF citizenship?

Following recent Palestine oriented adventures, and a chat with a friend, am considering to take the wondering from IF citizenship into a possible TV documentary.

Lets question citizenship from ownership point of view. We have net citizenship, state citizenship, digital citizenship, etc. – and a fair few people who need one of these but are being denied.
We have refugees and migrants that risk lives for suitable citizenships, however, IF one gets it, are citizenship owned, or more like an iphone – some rental system? IF rental, are they worth killing and dying for?

So.. I have a citizenship to give away. Give it for love. Give it for life. Give it for suitability. Give it for desire.
Any takers?
Any possibility to give?
Any other adventures?

Which citizenship?
A citizenship that was made via a community of refugees, which creates other refugees, and denies refugees – in a land of in-between that is, in itself, sort of a refugee element. No?

Here are the tv pitching link. Not sure am actually going to do TV as am full of reservations about the commerciality embedded in TV – however, could that not be a part of the story??


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