legacy as a non documentational being?

Legacy as continuing dynamics linked with an element/process that does not practise these kind of dynamics any more?

Is the following a legacy over-stretch?
The Toronto panam games 2015 legacy begins before the games and are designed, ctrled and encapsulated on delivery?
I wonder if that’s not better said as resources re-usage design, rather than legacy.
Also, am wondering whether this kind of an approach is not infact an attempt to design time – future in particular.. Though these guys have anotion of legacy Before the games have began.. I guess its because the buildings are there, else it would be like stating a legacy for a person who’s yet to be born, no?

Here’s what i think is a call for celebrating, documenting and preserving an idea of legacy by one person of a few others. I think its really very similar to history writing and the notion of 1st writer setting the context from which others will link with?
However, can it not be that some future historian will simply willingly disregard such a context if they thought it to be baseless?

Despite that last note, i think this story of legacy veneration and possible fetshisation, puts a spanner in the notion of innate non object automatic behaviour of legacy, or legacistic approach. Despite it being more naturally evolutionary oriented than documentation..(??)

However, come to think of it, the community boxes of links in Palestine are doing legacy by the very practice of keeping a practice of linking to/with the activities that took place?

A slightly different interpretation of Legacy is in checking neanderthals genetic legacy in terms of its evolution and operation over time and in contemporary humans.
In this sequence/dynamics, the legacy is a process, perhaps even a practice of genetic adaptation or negotiation using material that its main integrator is not with us any more. A bit like some artist refers to another, dead one, and using part/s of their artistic left-overs. Same can be said of a scientist, or any other person, using stuff like e=mcSq – no?

In this genetic study of the Caribbean, I think can be argued that using genetic legacy archive carriage by local population – rather than a static genetic documentation – the study can map genetic legacies across the islands.

The study is published on arxiv.org – a name which doesn’t document but carries a legacy of the term archive, no?

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