materials art collection confusion and collisions or there about

In the past day or 2 I felt a bit dis-ponded. This in itself should not bother anyone but myself, however, it is the background if not a certain rhythm to the following, which just might have some wider relevance than mememememyself and nothing to do with You!

In the past week, I was doing stuff with Denise & Hilan. We were collaborating, colliding, developing rhythms and related ontologies, as well as ways to create art materials/content that is just what it is – rather than a transform in form. Material that is, through its negotiative process of production, a switch of at least 5 elements – perhaps rhythmic elements – that can be then transformed into other domains/materials/soups/etc..
<< By SWITCHES I refer to "basic materials" that operate as switches between negotiative intents. eg, I am looking for a sound, you are looking for someone searching for sounds, then we talk this and create, just by talking, a certain negotiative switch. The switch will be made of at least the following - without its epi-elements - a Yes - (eg, we both look to negotiate in similar area.) a No - (eg, we will both share some disagreements.) a Maybe - (eg, we will be able at least to condition, and restrict the Yes and No.) a Perhaps - (eg - we will be able at least to condition the Maybe. i.e. We might agree X is a sound, but Y is a noise. Then one of us might condition the Y by saying it is just under Z circumstances. Then, we might disagree about the circumstances, hence generating a Perhaps. Another way of doing that is if we questioned the circumstances' viability.. etc..) a Speculable - (eg at least one element we can add an if to. What If a sound is unheard. How If a sound is unheard, etc..) These, I think are sort of "elementary wavicles" of Switches which allow them to Be between activities. The sense of self dispendency is precisely from the fact this is a rather new ways of art, and despite the fact am part of imagining it, am not entirely understanding it. For example: We walked through Bradford(-Upon-Curry), as "Brasilia’s general and specific committee of street vision (missmanagement/under_management/under_unmanagement) rhythms" to gather stuff. Check Here and HerE.

The idea is VERY simple:
We interact with stuff as that is How we live. No way out of that one in life..? 😉 And as we interact, since we have to negotiate, the focus of our negotiations is in fact the material of that IS being alive. (perhaps not even produced, but organically generated. Organically in the sense of selfless in ability to stop that generation of stuff, but to negotiate with that process itself through, for example, imagination and intention.)
So.. Through the search for curry places we negotiated and created/generated various elements of switches. Elements that are Yes, No, Maybe, Perhaps, and Speculable.
The very negotiations, in themselves, generate their own material.

Now, I have taken the material, as seen from the links to and added visual, conceptual and other elements onto them because I was knowing not. I was practicing knowing not without aknowledging it. I was Doing not knowing how to Share the switches we generated.
and I still feel very uncomfortable – though perhaps some comfort in the state because it is “safe” in its “un” – regarding the doing stuff with the switches, rather than allowing/letting them to Be..

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I thought re this question – perhaps slept over – and seemingly i might have over complicated stuff.
Am going to write an entry with a link bellow..

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