my girlfriend and Michelangelo?

You have a girlfriend?

An ex girlfriend?

Did she meet Michelangelo?

How about meeting Michelangelo’s David?

Anything special in that?

What if she experienced a strong bodily experience?

Hey.. Are you watching it?

Perhaps no need, can I continue?

I asked whether it wasn’t some sort of a fetishisation?

A David fetish?

She asked: is sensing the strokes on the marble counts as fetish?

Is fetish a process of imposing personal sensations upon objects that do not, in fact, posess these sensations?

Like a holly book?

As in the more-than-sum-of-parts is just a personal projection rather than any contingency from the object?

Did she dump you there and then?

Did you try and create similar sensations just by conjouring feelings of imagining strokes on marble?

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