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pickings peck beak
while sitting in a cafe its suddenly hard to ignore a conversation between 2 people. It’s a small cafe, only 2 bars pretending to be tables.
An interval between listening and interior design?
The conversation seems to blend at times by words and beats that appear to jump or leap, leapjump perhaps from the songs.
it feels,
it seems ok
to type what my so called brain hears and mixes with coming-up-with.
path pathos pave povera least resistances –
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i wonna see you dance without having to explain
the plot about not being racist
racy racist
i want to keep it on
i was really pleased
best supporting actor something
ali black
god that moment
no joke
because i am still in-love with you
dance without needing to explain
path pathos paved povera least resistance –
so that MP commented
why bring race?
who is?
try not to think about it
gotta do that self care
boom booboo boom
play with my ear-ring
never felt like people see me
paths pathos paves povera least resistances –
negative way to see things in the church with the pastor
he said to me
some people feel suicidal
some people killed themselves in my church
dear mom
dear very
you know
speak her mind in my
my church
and dripping white paint
perfect dude that
the drag king
path pathos pave povera least lists resistance –
evangelical golden cow
dubious at best
but safety blanket
pathos pave povera least resistance path –
how to question one’s self for one’s self
i like quackers
my granny did too, she thought they invented breakfast cereals
so interesting
i don’t know i don’t know if i want to keep going to the morning
path pathos povera least resistance paved –
he is running a faith group
i need other ways to be involved
full of old rich white people that feel good about themselves
racism there
one day i’d like to be upset
path pathos pave least povera resistance –
i think the issue is that church is institutionally racist
you ‘d like to think of yourself as a good person
i went to this white supremacist group
friends function ignorance
can not change
look in the eye
my physical self
oooh oh oooh ohohhhooooh
doo doodoo da
path pathos pave povera least resistance –
not the only one
worthy you are
life is work
change the team
when something is just not right
and yet
you want it
snooping story
had a job interview yesterday
pathos pave path povera least resistance –
some boom that
hello Maam?
a glimpse of the future
for me
don’t get me coffee
resistance path pathos pave povera least –
an extra line?
should write a letter or something
that medical condition
worst than a crooning trumpet
this is it
another friend said
don’t be burdened by the money side of it
i can be really funny
path pathos
pave povera
least resistance?