procrastinative media?

e.A few words in the defence of a public enemy – procrastination.
How does the sequence we tend to call procrastination, and one that convinces us we axtually do put off things todo. Initially it seems very common sense. Am supposed to do something, however, am telling myself that the supposed-to-do activity can hold on for a while and be done ater. This can seem very frSTRting when later becomes tomorrow, and tomorrow becomes the next tomorrow.

However, while not doing the “supposed activity” clearly – am doing something else. I was supposed to write about the rain, but ended up playing chess.

One can beat themselves for not doing the supposed activity. However, i tink clearly, this is not a question of non activity, but simply of an activity both the individual and society consider fare to demand doing. In that sense, I think procrastination is a question of operation and aesthetics.

We could, for example, imagine, sense, activities differently. We could have said that in a fearless society, member/people should be able to be free sharing the stuff they do – even if they initially thought that the outcome will be very different. In fact, it might bee interesting to perceive the range between the suppoed and actual ativities.

People say that this waythings will not be done. I think th question is – which things?? Are things that supposed to be done, yet – for example – no one actually fancies to do without cohersion – worth doing? maybe worth doing by other beings that actually fancy doing them?

Or is it that procrastination is a sequence to counter control over the character?

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Here is a link to a study which seems to find the “problem” of procrastination. It defines procrastinators as having a prolem, a sequence of “problems” or “difficulties”. However, the same findings, in my view, could easily be framed as abilities, for example, to fous on variety rather than singular elements. Or that a person procrastinating with x activity might not procrastinate with y activities. Could also depend on time and rhythms in life..

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