uk is a thief

Linked to the practice of exchaning xdomains/xcountries/xstates giftcards in bus stops.

On Saturday night, while picking some stuff in the local coop – the property keeper accused me of nicking stuff a few days earlier, and “asked” me to get get out of the shop.

I was like: “WHAT??!!”

He was: LOOK, Here’s a photo of you taking Gift-Cards, and you didn’t pay for them!

That was very disturbing to hear. The practice, of x domains giftcards exchanges, has an element of the objects being un-owned.

After a fair bit of discussion with him and whoever happened to be the store manager at the time – it slowly transpired that for the keeper, the problem was Not the fact that no-one actually Owned the cards. The problem, as far as he was concerned was one of Performance. It Looked like something got out of the shop without payment involved.
This resemblance could reflect negatively on him when a supervisor comes to review the cctv images.
At least that is what the property keeper claimed.

We sorted that misunderstanding. However it seemed interesting to pop in on sunday to have a reflective chat about the question of being a property keeper and the x domains giftcards exchange

Perhaps this might be interesting for people to listen to because there is a wider link – that of the brutalisation of people. The keeper is brutalised by the job – perhaps a perfect illustration of an illegitimate job if one is needed – and in turn brutalises others. e.g. the brutalised view of everyone around as a thief..

Also, in my mind, there is a question of how to deal with corporate public-tentacles – eg supermarket stores – in a way that might be directed to the corporation’s occupation of everyday life, not at the people who via economic choicelessness have to spend time doing the corporate whims.

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