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λ : λ → λ and the Replacing Operation?

(λy.x)(yz))(ab) makes: x(abz) because we replace the lambda y and the other y with ab.

However, is replacing the only way to produce new functions?

Also, why functions? Why not doing abstracts – abstracts of abstracts, or indeed, the typing that that typing makes, etc..?
(sounds a bit Deleuzian, but hey, I think there is a fair point for kicking categories out..)

However, perhaps i need to check what’s between functions and operations..?

a b c is both a set and a function?

a + b – c : d x e f(ex) is most def a function

+ – : x (ex) are operators displayed as a set

1 – 1 || 1 – b has an operator that links between elements, hence makes a function? and then i can perhaps say that the 0 is a result of the function’s operation.

However, going back to ideas of abstractiojns of abstracts and typification of typing, etc., is it not that the way Operators, or the linking nature of operators, needs to be used?

eg, operator TO in typing, the link between activity that converts? And the operator TOUCH – as the link between the TOs..

Does it matter that it is typing?

The TO and TOUCH operators can be, can operational link in other practices, no?

What i think am missing here is how one can, non arbitrarily – eg, i came up with touch and to fairly arbitrarily – evolve and create these operators.

can we claim to have non link operators??

in aircrafts – all systems operate together, and each system functions.


functional requirements

What the system is supposed to do, process orders, send bills, regulate the temperature etc. etc.

operational requirements
These are about how to run the system. Logging, startup/shutdown controls, monitoring, resource consumption, back up, availability etc.etc.

technical requirements

These are about how the system is built. Which language, which OS, standards to be adhered to etc.

These days “operational’ and “technical” requirements are usually bundled together as “non-functional requirements” — mainly to stop silly arguments as to whether “system will respond to a user request within 1 second” is an operational or technical requirement.

Another example. A functional school is not smooth but fulfilling x purpose. It might fullfil the purpose in various Operational ways..?

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