a chill from the depth of a desert heat –

aka the iraq report / chilcot report?

Publications have a fair field day today with the chilcot review publication, no?

Yes.. Maybe “fair” is a bit of a sarc term here.. Fun all around.. Sorta.. Specially when blood is your kind of “thing”..?

Well.. Hold on a bit.. Is it not all too easy to blame Blair and his government – indeed the parliament – and the establishment for all the bloody debacle?

What do you mean? Should we blame the millions – world wide – who marched to demand FFS lay off??!!

Sorry.. I put it in a stupid way.. Blame.. Why focus on blame?

Someone’s got to pay – no?

Say they do.. How do we, as a culture and a society do not feel satisfied someone paid – and learn instead? How do we as a group use that experience to try and make things better the next time some rhetorically sleek slacker gets a hold over power..?

A chill of a regime democratic only by name, unskinned by the desert heat?

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