a fake truly honest switch believer in ammon amen and mainly A women?

A few days ago, a politician run a pray in which they mentioned the traditional

However, they summoned an inclusive spirit in their minds. A call that concluded
Amen has something to do with
Hence in the spirit of Inclusivity – why not

Initially, I thought:
Peh! How ignorant. (since Amen has to do with belief affirming and possibly a recycling of an egyptian god by the name of Amun/Ammon.)

However, hey.. For the amen/awomen uttering person, there was something in english. Something that is authentic english in form and meaning, regardless of the slight murky history.
( the letter “a” + singular form Noun)

There could have been Amen and Ameness, on par with the old waitress, and that too could come curious in the way that the term
without the “men” bit,
comes both sex and gender neutral.
With language living in some kind of a magical elasticity, moving in ways that while seemingly clearly stem from humans, may feel more like Via/through times and thoughts and moves that may – in and of themselves – use humans to initiate, change and evolve itself.
for at least a brief period and in a few minds,
received a twist that wasn’t there.
by the connection to Awoman
got a new link in minds that may blip into a historical oblivion, may
offer a re-consideration of
as a whole,
may inject a new meaning, may offer
new thought operations and sensations such as
and most def – with out a May – we get a connecting switch that can have flicks between
Amen and sex, and gender or even superheros?