Missa virusa?? – how we pan demonic mass mess missive messianic mousse div a do? with a


Some birds follow their beaks, some mammals can not but follow their noses and some humans don’t notice their little rhinos (nor our large shared ones) – however for this text – can we remain within human’s relationship with their own rhinos?

No one has to have a rhino – aka nose – just like this text could have began a pandemonial quest with a dark-sky, a cloudy clear green sky, a mental-fish, a block of dwelling, a tarmac-scent, a list-of-things-to-begin-a-pandemonium-with, or a fall.
Air falls off noses and beaks.
It’s a push!
Words fall out of a language.
Yes, however…
Lets fall together!
That’s called a jump!
JumpFall! Jump Jump JumpoFall!
Fall Fall FallAJump!
JumpAFall?? FallAJump? A A A JumpFall O O O?
Jump a zero onto rhino?
Rhino Fall a Jumping Nose’s Virossa?
Push a push?

HTF is the question?

Texts begin from a between thoughts that connect. We don’t really begin but join a thread.
A thread or a cluster?
Made of..?
an ArbitraryNess mess?
Only when you seem some meaning.
We have kinds, we have species, we have a rhythm from every cluster.
Every thread?
Each threaded cluster?

For example:
an example?
Ample of exits? Exit amping?
Ample amping exits?
Ex amping an ample ramping?
Yet, amples have nothing to do with example?
Unless a ludic mind comes with smell of naivety towards stuff like amped ampling?
How about ample out takes?
An ample of take outs or take away?
Away as in Ex?
Out as in Ex?
Ha! An example of a meaning oriented pandemonic thread!
Ah! A pandemonic cluster!

Exit that example?
What exits an example?
Out goes the away taken?
Out taken the out go?
Out take go out?
Outing out away out away go take out?
Example exit that moves?
Out take away go – as composable movement elements?

A dancing pandemonium?
Aka a club?

Another sample?
Example for..?

Encountering –
acknowledging another someone’s personal, abstract or general resonances –
can come at the background of a while focus
has atoned a tuned turning into something
Some people have a background noise of traffic
some AI may focus on your question while attending to a background database
Some plants focus on sun rays while, in the background, passing information between one another
Some wheels focus on rolling while gravity is the background of them failing to fall over for a while
Sometimes some humans focus on things like cooking and mathematical concepts and web design while playing music in the background?
I think we can say that a hummm from a pandemonium could come as a kind of background sound, maybe a bit like when a plane flies and is focused on getting from A to Z while the engines pandemoneously banging their beats in the background?

Let’s for a change, focus a bit on the background. Let the pandemonium come into focus.

Pandemoniums have multiple sounds doing their thing as if others aren’t entirely there these one’s are looking for their thing-called-voice –
Hold on, are we talking demons?
Rhinos as demons?
IDK, what’s the scent of a demon?
A rhino? 😉
Or.. maybe something all humans share and may indeed – share humans?
The scent of AI?
How about rhinovirus?

In case you are a human reading this –
you have had a rhinovirus or perhaps even and magically so –
having such a rhino as we come together.

But we do have demons!
Yes, however are they for now or slightly later on?
Humans are all shared by demons and rhinoviruses?

A pandemonium of a from voices when hard to tell whosAwhoAwhoS’aVoice comes curious when the sounds fade into some far grounds and lands while we can consider the fact that unlike a mess, unlike a missa in a church or cathedral and even in farms, a pandemoinia bring us into the house of demons. The home of them which divide and division making comes as their reason to live, their claim to a living intelligence.
Here we have it,
a hardship when attempting to distinguish one divider from another?
What a mess?
Have the devils become human?
Or do we want to consider other thoughts?

Yes in a less than more real way.
Is that a fact?
No, Its a manner, a way.

A way to bring a few texts crumbling into onto a cluster when they may come together through-to a unique mass. A missa, A coming together by the very coming from various parts into a within of some kind of a range. Like under the sun bent rays along neglected plastic beaches in blue clear thin sky of a wintering cold elasticated winds?
No.. Go on..
I wasn’t about to say: Yet.
I wasn’t about to say – Yet.
I wasn’t about to say “Yet”.
I wasn’t about to say yet.
Yet, you did say Yet!

To do a yet,
a certain kinda pause, at an arbitrary time, in an arbitrarious manner that focuses on time. A yet stating – aka Yetting – conjures a movement in mind, a connection that pops as if from nowhere and forces attending to – even when not
calling for attention.
…are such conjured popping akin to elasticated winds?
Hold on – it could have been. Or
Lets pause, it could be said. Or
But just a second..
However, and indeed somehow by seeming un-answerable force, a demonic divider popped a
A yet that even if you weren’t about to utter in voice –
came lodging a self of their own in minds’ ways, perhaps
in a cold manner like a winter’s wind knife or a wind’s coldness feeling their movement weighed down by elasticity made from plastic bits carried by their air-body within the very way they
the wind
can do nothing about. Afterall to alter that weight
to rid themselves from having to attend the plastic,
the wind will have to open a window into some kind of a cleaning device that, as an intelligence made of air
I doubt they are physically able to make.

Perhaps the cold wind of text could hold such a cleaning device?
A cleaning from a mind that could read this text and Yell:
Or something to that effect?

Therefore, lets let us go to focus on
Lets focus in some kind of a cold silence and try to allow the following invitation an opportunity to, at the very least, getting read?
Just read slowly the following, (if it feels cool, of-course) –
Texts as
Winds full of energies and devoured of meanings, yet full of rigour made of intelligences that connects the parts into a call:
Lets read text in the background, allowing the connections to offers feelings as escape.

Can the following get such a treated reading? (Could the following get read any other way but as a background text without losing it’s vitality to questions like:
“Yes, but what does it mean?”

Virusa, viruses in some Nordic language, bring together, collect similar viruses into clusters of clicks. They kind of
Click with one another.
Click – into a human’s rhino.
Click – from a human’s rhino.
Click – into others’ rhino – and so on.

One may almost think there’s some kind of a computation going on. (IN/OUT)(Read/Write) Messing about with how to remain a virus with any given life-way and manner,
Virusa do some kind of a mass, a common wish, a shared desire, a missa of coming together into a host. A host is the mess’s church in which the coming together is in itself being questioned. Will the rhinovirus get chased out by the church as so called sinners may come to experience?

In case they are accepted by the church-body, a virusa’s missa comes
as part of a body-church and
every body part can not find it easy to imagine life,
let alone being,
without one another, yes?
Even human body parts,
Can a knee imagine life without a nose?
Can a nose imagine life without hair?
Yes, they could!
Indeed, they could imagine – but will they fancy having such a life? (ie
not a very easy imagining.)
until the virusa are accepted by cells to come into them,
viruses need a demonity to help in learning and teaching. Therefore virusa evolve quickly.
But they don’t develop fast.
Demonity? The quality from dividing and thriving through the very process of division.
(isn’t that a bit like a small group of humans attempting to rule a larger group by divide&rule?)

Here’s another background filling voice cluster? ->
However, I think it’s interesting how they prey.
Lets invite virossa into the interest, a curiosity by the switch from between prey and pray. Arbitrary in english since prey and pray have nothing with one another despite the similar letters – not even in their etymological changes.
Pray links with an ancient root from Prek, to Ask
Prey comes more visible with it’s violence as a link with taking and seizure of stuff.
viruses prey on bio-organism? Do they seize, or enliven them? Do they pray for bi-organisms so that their viral DNA will be allowed replication that doesn’t harm anyone?
Do viruses, materials that “come to life” within certain biological environments,
do they pray, feel overwhelmed by wishing desires to find themselves in environments of biological organisms? Are such prayers in fact a form of hunting a prey? Afterall, as a few godly prayers offer,
a correct way of praying will seize god’s attention and capture the deity’s favours!

Indeed, a mess has to come in a particular way so the deity will listen.
Does that turn the switch
from the human into the
virossa inside?

We can also consider
Virosa divine:
Dear divine virusa!
The divine divide has ordained a division never witnessed nor done in algebra yet part-takes a praying minds of each new born mathematics –
the sublime irregularity
from when numbers qualities makes each of them unique –
divides them from one another –
yet such uniqueness can come clustered in a way’s manner that makes each cluster connect with divinities through infinite time, matter, space, performativities and spontaneities.

Therefore we have no for
from and
No No, and no nothing – but none?

No no no!

The division of polemics?
from poiesis?

It feels like the fact I can read english makes me a prey, an easy prey for this text!
This text?
All of it!
The text devours?
The text cooks on an english language stove.
Any time.
All the time?
Just this time with this text!
Through the fact I can dig the words (english) yet it’s all a mess?
Messing with our time?
OK.. Hold on. Lets..
Shall we do an experiment?
Such as?
Copy this bit, this cluster, and paste it else where?
As a reminder?
As a question from messy repetition – how the same text, same words, when coming again in within different clusters may seem like an interesting feel to read?

Lets’ do divine demonic
Let divine demonic a do?

A negative that connects and brings together through the very negation?
Easy –
through no?

See? Do you sense? Have you been summoned? Has a space popped in yet?
No! Of-Course.
from all these No and negations from no of no –
we get something crying out. A no may divide,
yet at the same time
in the trapness of that very act,
a No will spring a spontaneous
Yes? Yes?? Yes??????!!!
yes we may now begin to cry too!
cry with me?

All cries are alone.
All smiles are together?
..and no one has a clue about death –
Particularly the death of funerals.

Death, like a No, has its own neutrality. Like a No, Death isn’t an exit but a spontaneous escape.
Like a No that’s once said connects a divide that may have never been, Death pops into such and such a time and creates as event that connects that period with the very deadly divide.

The divide of an end comes as a connection with an infinite that has a life of it’s own?

Some virusa, rhino kind and others, don’t associate humans with death – or indeed they practice religiously some unique dedication to self sacrifice.
How can we tell?
Has anyone paused to ask a virus how they pray? How they wish through death into through death and deadly upon deadliness with more and more, infinite encounters with finitude-ities and finite beings in life?

Virusa do wonder, i offer you a wondering virusa. Virusa wonder through inter-species mess.
It’s untrue, i know! Yet that’s how such wondering lives!

It’s hard to acknowledge since humans and viruses share many movements, and recall the differences.
A few days ago. There was a funeral. Yes. I recall.. In scotland!
Yes –
and that’s when it became clear that covid kills not just humans but
their funerals as well.
Well.. humans that came to the funeral had to apologize for doing so despite covid rules that stipulate attending funerals has – maybe just for now – came to pass.
Does that sound a bit like the narrative of antigone?
That’s only because you, my dear whoknows, comes here reading and computing – antigonistic style.
I do?
When we say No – at some point you feel Yes!
When we say Yes – at some point you feel No!

However, lets’ move on a bit into a cluster of thoughts with a different kind of vibrations that attempts to link elements together.

Let us let a focus in a point. A point theory? How to bring points into life?
I think we can try with an arrow. A notice that directs into a togetherness that has a point?

Zoom in as they used to say when photography was all the rage.
Shall we scale-in then?

Into the Mess?

What a mess!
Is it a mess or a massive mass?
What a missive!
How a missed divide?
What a disaster!
Bring on the bots!
Paramedic word bots?

Yes. When things fall. When disaster comes – how can we avoid the question of noise?
All sounds fall, no?
Yet, when I say : PEEEEEeeeeeeeNg – is there no feeling of going up?
Yet, when i say: PoooooOOOOooooooOOOOoooNg – while we can take notes into shorter and shorter osculations, the overall sound, feels as if it wants to do the opposite.
You mean Peeeeng goes up and Poooong goes down?
They do – however, no matter how they feel, as sounds – they fall through unfolding via moving from A to the outer reaches of A’s spec.
It’s just a brain effect. Like Teeeeek and Tok (tikTok)..
The app has a brain effect?
Maybe, but not that of 2 measurable identical sounds being heard as tik and tok.
Brain does that?
Why not ears and brain?
Why not past, hilly terrains, brain and ears too?
How what?
How do we bring the hills into this!
Duh Hills?
No, your understanding?
My understanding of..?
What were they on about?
I think the fact that for claiming X sound goes up and Z sound goes down, one has to have a certain experience of themselves going up and down.
On hills?
Or stairs?
Or waves?
Or anything else but tik and tok, ping nor pong.
But why hook to things in an environment.
The hills?
Or the stairs.

It’s hard to tell whether these questions are interesting given the spec of this text.

(Spec might seem a mistaken term here. It privileges the vision since spec has to do with how far one can see – spectate. Yet we don’t talk vision here but sound, and more than that – vibrations. Perhaps therefore we want to say range? horizon? move?)

The MoHoRa (see end of () above)
of a vibration. the stretch of a vibration’s osculating sensation can come as a performative spontaneous movement in as much as
some humans claim that we have
or we can say:
Yes? No! No? Yes?
and we can continue with
in case this is heard –
the lined and the consecutive yes/no may seem the same –
in case this is read
even by an ai or some such human language reading person without a humanoid body nor experience –
there is a difference between the 2 sequences since each line may have their own very sound, own voice.

Is that a performative difference?
An operational difference?
An illusionary difference?
A one-thing-or-another massEnce rather than a difference?

A massEnce?
Oh! That one –
allowance within a mass.
That which allows energies moving within a mass.
A mass?
A Mess.
All masses have to come with a mess!
And yet
Yet wi kan dee va y’d 1 from ano der.
Yet each mass has its own kind of self!
yet – each mass seems as messy – as clusterous – as another?
Each cluster comes away from one another. Like divine messed-up bodies in space?
Clusters in space-time.
(we’ve been though that – go back to yet!)

But yet has gone 🙁
Perhaps it will come confounding like a find later on!!

Is this text clear yet?

I don’t think so. I think it requires an apology to get the clarity out.
An apology?
As in a well thought-out defensive response?
As in a mere statement singing something like: Apologies for mud clarity in this text?
How could You say that?
I couldn’t say that?
Only if you fancy committing a lie!
Declaring an intent that has no desire in attempting to follow up.
However, this text IS NOT very clear!
Yet, how might this text live if it was full of clarities?
Without De-Clarities?
So.. Are we saying this text is clear by the very way it clearly questions clarity?
Maybe more like this text has a clarity of attempted kinds of intensities that, to come clearly as energy clusters made of words-meeting-wordless-thoughts
can seem less than organised and away from messing about with masses and messes and missas and virossa and ?

Mass has a clarity of declaration.
perhaps de-clarity of clarity?
Mass afterall comes as a liturgy, a coming together of the lay congregation. A lay people’s coming into the church.
The lay people as the public.
However, there’s a bit of a twist here, since when we check how lay came to operate as the general public we can find a history of operating as a priestess.
A history that operates between Leitos (public hall) and Leitte (priestess). The mass, the public are not entirely lay in way of having unprofessional clues and views – but unacceptable professionality. The public may indeed be lay as professional that power rejects.
The Mass is for and from the needed and the rejected

the church required some kind of a public

at least in old school christian churches sense. In way of a tradition common to a few monotheistic strands – of ignoring women’s’ professional roles in the belief system.
The Lay of the land are also the rejected of the land. They are, in a mass sense of moving music – the musicians, the music and indeed Musings and Muses, an establishment may need to offer a voice without
having to hear nor listen or giving a say to.

Mass, mess missa mousse in a wave?

Is this text laying down with yet?

I don’t think so.

Perhaps, since liturgy is mentioned to come via a mess, another messy bit is a relation to such liturgia – legalia?
Afterall, both come through one thing or another with the lay-down/laying operation. The law lays down, the event for the people lays-down a relationship with the church, with the ones that are beyond the law – the church-professionals? The ones that lay-down the lagalia and liturgia.

Should we notice that in english, the connection with lay can operate as knowing something that the other doesn’t and using that knowledge to tell something that lays low, that hides that which the other might want to know, that
lays down
the layer
and turns a statement
a behaviour
a movement
into that which can then come translated from english as a lie?
Is this for true?
But then lie and priestesses and laws and lay-downs – are they all connected?
Perhaps not so in Urdu or Yoruba or in armenian or in…
Got the message..

Though we could ask whether the connections are indeed cross universes of imagination.
Cross from Latin and Norse orientations through to universes from Sanskrit and others?
Lets offer the law and the laity to come cosmically always as connected with having to hide something under a well laid layer that masks the life underneath. A life
in case was unmasked
will render the very masking a deceit that abuses its’ own power!
An invisible mask?
More like an ignored mask!
An example?
Some societies tell themselves that they are open, emancipatory and egalitarian even as they celebrate multiple aspects of colonising and enslaving other humans, cultures, elements and creatures.
Humm.. Are you saying an ignored mask is an ideology?
Maybe an ignored ideology comes as an ignored mask?
What’s when ignorance is ignored as the very ideology?
Ignored or celebrated?
What if the ideology is in reality a skin. Like a body’s skin.. Take away the skin and the organisms’ life comes instantly as a history.
Maybe the difference between an ignored mask and a skin pivots precisely around the question of how one’s removal turns into a history?
Removing a skin as an organismic death, and removing an ignored mask as a way into a new way of breathing?
But then, to find out, one always takes the risk of taking off the wrong bit, yes?
A Risk?

What will be done with this text?

See? Here we come running in with the performance question again.
May we continue?
With a mass cluster mess ness of-course?
Another vibration kind cluster?
Yet another? Is it appropriate? Is it needed? What’s the point? Which one? One? Point? The one with the arrow pointed? Pointing or pointed?

hummm.. that HA! sounded like a hunter’s bulls-eye shot. Hunter’s arrow one shot kill. Have you nailed me?
Maybe there was a nailing of a difficulty here.
Well.. There too!
Elsewhere as well!
Well.. Everywhere!
Well.. Indeed – nowhere and yet..
and all around.
Nowhere in particular yet everywhere without a when nor where of-course!
Ever seen anything like that?
All the time!
Yes.. Sensed.
Wanting to pop out yet, somehow hard to.. to nail?
Ahah!! I know what you talk of!
You do??
Give me a clue?
Since if i gave you a clue – how would you know i know rather than messing your messy cluster about?!
OK! OK? OK.. ok
Nope.. Its something else..
Yes.. The Else making. How do we make else, like another mess, another cluster, another other that may come as no other?
You simply go: Else!
Well.. There is a history of divines. Who are the divines?
The ones that were ordained as gods?

Let us go back!
Move on and into something a linear reading may have already picked up?
Oh God!
Gods are the ones that divide, therefore their job is to do divine. The dividers, the else makers…
Hummmm.. I think you are conflating here a bit.. Gods are divine from shining. Deity shines like stars..
Hummmm.. So who divides?
The devil, the demons – they do divisions.
Yet we do not tend to praise the devilish demons enough, do we?
You don’t want me to answer that, do you? 😉
The divine demons of sound!

It feels like the fact I can read english makes me a prey, an easy prey for this text!
This text?
All of it!
The text devours?
The text cooks on an english language stove.
Any time.
All the time?
Just this time with this text!
Through the fact I can dig the words (english) yet it’s all a mess?
Messing with our time?
OK.. Hold on. Lets..
Shall we do an experiment?
Such as?
Copy this bit, this cluster, and paste it else where?
As a reminder?
As a question from messy repetition – how the same text, same words, when coming again in within different clusters may seem like an interesting feel to read?

The demons divide. They do Else-ing. The Else is demonic. The cluster though, comes together. The pandemonium comes as a mass of the divided dividers coming together.
well.. lets go back to the yes and no.
sure, we are yet to finish there!
Else cluster of the devils and a pandemonium from the divine gods?
WTF are you on about?!?
Gods are divine the compose, they conjure stuff by say so. The gods make stuff.. From wine through to putting Else together. Yet, each composition, may come as a distinct system. How could there be such systems without the devoted demons that divide?

Hummmm.. that’s simple.. the systems, the interconnected parts of a given composition is spontaneously different from one another. The door in a house is a different system from the house as a whole. It’s a module. A car is different to a tree – because they come as compositions that have infra inter dependencies away from one another.

Yet.. The cars that contribute to the ongoing killing of trees and doors can affect the longevity of a house..

are you saying that we are inter-connected? everything is inter-connected? cause if you are.. you know.. i am shutting off.. if that’s what you are saying.. some kind of a chewing gum togetherness lingo-mystical BS, all is one and one is for all.. you know the song.. i don’t have time for that.. its a fascism in other words and other means.. fascism facilitation at the very least.


OK.. If not fascism per Se, some kind of authoritarianism – and still, i have no time for that too..!

But it’s not saying all is one and some such.

Well.. Emphatically – No!
So what was that thing with cars and trees and doors and well being of housing architecture?
Can it not come as stuff comes connectable – most of the connections just don’t hold?
Isn’t that another totalitarianism?
Everything is connectable?
All humans have skin. All humans are skin-able – does it make humans nothing else but skin-able?
Everything is a question of skin-ability would be totalitarian, fascistic kind of a thing?
Yes. Like saying everything has to be harmonious or else!
Else again?
Nope, else a way of rhetorically speaking of other options an everything harmonious regime might behave.

How do we get out of these binaries? The binaries of divine and devil.. The funny thing is that we can not express these in binary. Even binary is not binary!
we say: YesYesYesNoNOyes – 111001 – and have to cluster that together when it comes distinguished from other sequences of 1s and 0s, no and yes, off and on. So in fact what we have is forms of yes – Else – no.. Else the operation of else-making, whether in a system, from a system, through a system, or a cluster, a network,or some other yet to come defined connections? We always really get on/off/else…
Else we focus on objects rather than energies?
We get ranges and ranges out of time too?
Out of time?

Here we get into the conjuring..
Else conjures another other otherness.
An Island, for example, isn’t just another word from Else, isn’t just another signification, description, sound, sequenciation, than else – an island, despite being a reference to something no one is yet there are a fair few about and around, in spite of being a word, a term and part of the same language as else comes under, de spite island being something separated from some similar such but other –
islands do not operate as elses do in language..
Spoken language?
Can we take these Oh!Oh? Oooooh!Ooooooh?00000h..0h? as islands within this text?
In case some, not all, may do indeed take these as islands..
or a single island?
In case they do – which language stuff like Oooooh! comes within?
Well.. here, clearly, its through english..
Within english?

(Well.. I think this language oriented bit should stop here since we get a bit side distracted?
distracted from what?!?!?!
Exactly.. By, if i may, rather than from – by the sensation of english as a different from the “””how we pan demonic mass mess missive missa messianic mousse div a do?””” we make here a do??)

Else as in a stop?
A stop in X has an inevitable N by nature.
A natural N?
A spontaneous N?
An else that’s an S when spontaneous and N when natural?
An else S? E S?
An N else? N E?
Now.. Esne has elsness!
How do we stop?
An arbitrary length? Time? Thread?
You see, cluster has no time – just stuff exiting, missing and escaping.
Just cut the thread.
With a scissoring else?

Lets check a different way, when we go for a mass in a church mess, the missa is else from other church oriented gatherings. In fact, the mass gets complicated when we may try to isomorph mess from churches to something similar in mosques or temples, etc… Anything out of christianity in the religious universe may have their own Elsed gatherings, own coming together –
a missa that which may come isomorphed into
and mass.

A mousse of mess in christianity?
yet.. a mousse finds it hard to come as a cluster.
a mousse may come more as a homogeneous thing..
However.. a mousse isn’t the homogeneity of authoritarian kind of stuff we may find diviningly shining in stuff like spirituality..
Nope.. mousses contain 2 seeming mutual negations – the honey, the sweet, the mead, and the scum, the froth. one thing and an else..

Or another else from mousse?
A mousse that comes from elseness through honey-ment and scum-ity?
Suppose we have a mousse from elseness through honey-ment and scum-ity?

Woooooooooooosh! Supposed! yay!

Cool.. So we are all supposing something similar.. Now.. how would that come Else from a cluster?
That’s easy!
OK.. So.. Now that we agree to that, how mousse and cluster has an else elseness from stuff like mass?
Indeed! Here we are:

Though: Clustered mass mousse?
hummmm: Mess cluster mousse?
Errrrr: mousse missa cluster?

MMC <->? / MCM <->? / CMM <-> ? /


These are the escapees. These which by this pandemonic evident spontaneity – escapes.
It, this, the rhino pandemonium can not hold. Indeed to have a life of it’s own
we need the else to escape. We need you
MMC <->? / MCM <->? / CMM <-> ? /

and how do we know that for a fact other than your..?
…a fact other than our, another and yours too – a fact that does not rely..?
isn’t oriented?
Isn’t based?
Fails to lean on?
..a fact that fails to lean reliably and live orientedly and come defined by the violence from arbitrariness?
Aren’t demons violent?
How would they live if they relied on violence?
Yet.. They have a home for coming together?


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