a migration migraine?

Sounds linked, doesn’t it – migration and migraine?

As the etymology links point – no link what so ever but a bad pun – why persist?

Well.. People do have = or seem to have – some headaches linked with immigration, no?

Hummm.. Maybe headaches They link with immigration?

Persistent headaches = migraine?

OK.. Lets say.. But why the etymology links? What are we trying to say?

There are a few things that popped as possibly linked to how migration could be a sort of critique of society by stealth. Can it be that being a migrant and doing migration is a disturbing activity, a questioning practice – hence “invites” hostility?

It might, but also the fact that migrants are always a minority, should sound the alarm bells. Are you suggesting people are right to be concerned by immigration?

Am not suggesting anything of the kind, or that direction – I hope. Just focus on migration as a process rather than the correctness or otherwise of responses.. Shall we do that?

..Like migration philosophy?

Or a migration museum?

Perhaps.. But if we take it as a movement from one place to another, can we not view new members of the labour party – 130k in the last 6 months or so – as migrants?

People migrated into the labour party and caused a migraine by favouring a leftist candidate as Corbyn?

Yes.. Something like that.. In a way, these people are now the majority of Labour’s membership. However, because they are not part of the labour establishment, the powers that are already in the party could – as they did – decide to marginalise the majority by not allowing them to vote.. Is that a dismissal of the migrant minority marginalisation idea?

OK.. What about the mutability? That migration is a reminder of time, of moving and living in time within we we are not immutable?

You mean that in time we all change and whatever the current situation – it isn’t unchangeable?

Maybe.. Something like that.. Is it not fairly well documented that humans – and other organic animals – have issues with changes?

Issues? Anxieties?

Yes.. Maybe fears.. Maybe sensations of uncomfortability?

Maybe.. But not all change makes people uncomfortable?

Are we talking about welcome and unwelcome changes rather than comfortability?

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