a misogynistic right of right for the right to kill?

Is it too early to draw a line, a link, between 2 dots? Yvette Cooper, it seems, has received death threats in connection to the eu referendum.

Is it something the right wingers have, or might harbour against women?

Perhaps its my own prejudices towards the right?

Could be.. I hope am not prejudiced, but who am I to judge myself? Perhaps am just noting a possibility because have not seen this particular one noted elsewhere..

Hold on.. There was something regarding the Orlando shooting and the guy’s treatment of women.. Indeed, of mass shooters and their misogynistic leanings..

Yes.. However I will not go as far as linking with mass shootersorlando or otherwise. Just, perhaps, noting a possible plausible link..

Why note that “possible” link?

No idea!!! It just gives me an itch.. I suppose..

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