a conservative corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn interviewed by democracynow’s Amy Goodman regarding the eu referendum.
While it seems refreshing to hear a person from the parliament talking about the process and issues involved like an adult to other equal adults – I think there is also a revelation of Corbyn’s – left leaningand small c conservativism.

Blair was a small c conservative, no?

Hummm.. Lets not get distracted for now?
What I refer to is, in the last bit, Corbyn refers to people coming together. When he tells which people come together, we get a seemingly wide range of groups based of perceived “ethnic” and religious backgrounds. Muslims, afro-carrabeans, Indians, Buddhists, etc..

Is that conservative?

I’d say that it can be argued that the very categorisation of people based on elements that are of epistemic bases, is conservative. The division between christians and mazdayasnas for example, is based on religions – on how a group of people uses a common knowns to identify itself – while leaving the hierarchical structure in-tact.

Hummmm.. Yes.. Religions do that. So do charities if you agree with Wilde’s assertions regarding the wider society.. So what’s new?

Not sure “new”, however, I am just trying to point that corbyn, and many people who support him, seem to forget the kind of groups that actually make up the social fabric, the groupings that force certain heirarchies on societies.


To put this simply, I hope to be wrong, but do you think people that might earn more than a certain amount, might have attended the gathering corbyn referred to?

They might. It is not inconceivable.

Sure. However, if they did, corbyn did not say “rich and poor” as an example of a mixed group.

Perhaps he didn’t because of the religious nature of the event?

Maybe.. There is a point there..

..and anyway.. Why dod you refer to Corbyn as a person? Is it a personal thing?

Hummm.. Perhaps not the best way to write about it.. Yes.. am talking about the conservativism of People that do the groupings of societies based on religion and ethnicities..

What about sexual preferences and gender perceptions?

An interesting point.. Do you think gays and trans people attended the celebration..?

Perhaps poor ones?

Maybe poorly acknowledged ones?

Who knows.. Corbyn didn’t tell..

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