meanings, intents and operations from

today’s churl boon?

What do you mean by “today’s churl boon”?
Meaning? Perhaps, the 3 words using others: the gift of human simplicity for today.

How did you get that from churl boon?

Well.. Boon can mean a gift. Churl can mean something like a pleb, but usually in english it is taken as a sneer like: don’t be churlish. That sneering is directed at the simplicity of being a churl. Being a simpleton.

OK.. a bit long-winded.. However, lets say that there is a meaning to “today’s churl boon”. Now, talk about intention?

Actually, to do the intent bit, I think the operation should be the next element..

Go on..?

Operations, in this sense, are the question of how something is. So “today’s churl boon”, beyond its meanings and intentions, has a certain way of being. “today’s churl boon” operates in a particular way that might – or might not – apply to that line only. However, it offers an abstraction, perhaps an abstract, that can be applied, operated with, in other circumstances.


Yes.. Perhaps am pussyfooting there.. 😉 The operation is taking not very familiar terms and putting them together in a way that has a grammatical sense, and can be meaningful.

This can be done in other languages?

I presume so.

So why not say something like: today’s barking maroon?

How does it apply?

An operation of grammatically correct terms in unusual way?*

Sure.. I see.. Well.. The operation is precisely that kind of a thing. I said: “today’s churl boon” – but there can be others, and other meanings. That’s why the separation between meaning and operation..

Distinction, you mean..?

Precisely.. 😉

..and intention?

Yes. for the intention, I had to type this whole post. The intent in the line “today’s churl boon” here is to provide a way to discuss the differences between meanings, intents and operations.

oh! ok.. but WHY??!!

Sure. I went to check networking the unseen. There was a talk about stuff like Australian aborigines paintings in which they talked about stories and/or data/information that people can deduce from them images. It occured to me that, for example, there seem to be a fair bit usage of circles – but what seemed a circle to me, was talked about as a star. More over, that particular circle turned star, was intended to represent an idea of Home…
I think there is a critical sense in which these differences, the intervals between meanings, intent and operations might be questioned, no?

Not always.

Yes.. Though then the question might be – when not? 😉

* I think the grammatical but unusual way is part of the “today’s churl boon” line, as described before. However, this might be best underlined in here..?

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