a new a + b search?

ok.. the other one gone kind of formal imho..

a + b

a might be single entity or a single cluster
+ is an addition activity
b might be another single entity or a cluster

however, as a search language/organism a + b can not stay as is, it needs linking.. For example, we can now introduce dimentional linking where:

a might be micro single entity or micro a single cluster
+ is an addition activity
b might be a macro single entity or a macro cluster

perhaps in this way we have:
a + b
a + bb


because there is a + b it doesnt hve a closed feel like when its b+b=c

a + b want to have mates, links, they are incomplete yet complete in that.. check:
a + b
a + bb

if they collided
a + b -> <- a + bb we will always have an element bb a + bb + b for example now they have their own linking logic yet retain imagination practices on their own.. and together so they can emerge other stuff for example: abb + b + + where abb is the 2 micro and macro together and + are more timespace entities than simple additions. ----- in that case i think we can say that iI might be a reality?

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