an if in immanence?

the sequence of if a – t – 1, from the 1 11 111 t + – a aa aaa materials/code
the IF, in my view is how from a mere code, it can ask whether or not its alive. If allows to link with other operations such as replication, death, elements, negotiation, consideration, etc..
This is done via the self reference question that is constant:
If am X sequence how it will be as If X Y sequence etc.

Now suppose I am an If X sequence that became X Y-
Say I replicated to another If X Y
because of the IF we have, the replication might fold back to
If X when the Y was perhaps added too arbitrarily, yes?

However, when the new IF X Y sequence becomes linkable/replicable Without the need to fold into
If X
ie the if X Y become a sequence that need not reffer to a former evolutionary/developmental self in order to Be – then we have a new sequence that is immanent rather than referential.

a new a + b search?

ok.. the other one gone kind of formal imho..

a + b

a might be single entity or a single cluster
+ is an addition activity
b might be another single entity or a cluster

however, as a search language/organism a + b can not stay as is, it needs linking.. For example, we can now introduce dimentional linking where:

a might be micro single entity or micro a single cluster
+ is an addition activity
b might be a macro single entity or a macro cluster

perhaps in this way we have:
a + b
a + bb


because there is a + b it doesnt hve a closed feel like when its b+b=c

a + b want to have mates, links, they are incomplete yet complete in that.. check:
a + b
a + bb

if they collided
a + b -> <- a + bb we will always have an element bb a + bb + b for example now they have their own linking logic yet retain imagination practices on their own.. and together so they can emerge other stuff for example: abb + b + + where abb is the 2 micro and macro together and + are more timespace entities than simple additions. ----- in that case i think we can say that iI might be a reality?

happen luck, fortune, fate hap befall occur come-to-pass, happening event

the confabulation search of stuff like hap. Each term, each word, each dna strand lives as a sequence who’s links are contentiously confabulated and searched as to their plastic nature through how we can imagine them.
I really like the term Fork. I can fork a keyboard and a cat, also a cloud – but these are the same fork. Can I say that a wave forked when it met the beach? Can we imagine a ball’s flight as a fork? How can I imagine a fork energising an engine?
—>>> At some element the fork does not link very well. I think that some of the examples fail the fork and succeed in illustrating how we can not apply fork to everything without being too general. Without saying the = of: one one one, oneoneoneone One one one – if you know what I mean..

Also, I used the hap, befall – because of the sense that there is/are elements, non human ones, in link, relation to humans. The muses and gods, the goblins and fates had hierarchical link with humans. However with a network view, like that of Latour(??), the link is between equals and not innately consequential. eg, a is linked to b yet neither are consequence of another. They are 2 entities, even as parent and child. The child entity, once alive, will go on living independently of parent, in that sense the happen-stance can not be taken hierarchicaly.

in a linked sequence you don’t need to kill me to assert yourself

No need != none. Hence a possibility rather than utopia. A possibility that could bring its own harsh outcomes, rather than a complete positive. Its another kind of doubt – i doubt?

In an unlinked culture, a painter, mathematician, etc., can adhere and cultivate traditions, or attempt to “break”. The “break” is to assert a certain authenticity, individuality, a newness, a freshness, an assertion of the self in a way that is Oedipusian – need to kill your “parent” to Be. Or, need to Continue, need to be within the already defined, be becomes meaning and meaning is to conserve the already developed as a known meaning. eg religion. (written slightly convolutely as to illustrate the innate complications I think tradionality cultivates.)

However, if there is a link that is a search sequence. How to: space is a long print of 2km thread being watched via microscope, a 4, a 16 sq, a 24 and a numerical bread. One can link – rather than experience or understand – to elements, notion, idea, etc. of the sequence. This is open via Being rather than Law!