an if in immanence?

the sequence of if a – t – 1, from the 1 11 111 t + – a aa aaa materials/code the IF, in my view is how from a mere code, it can ask whether or not its alive. If allows to link with other operations such as replication, death, elements, negotiation, consideration, etc.. […]

if a + b

perhaps it should be talked of as: spacetime and it is made of: if a + b ?? however, i can just say, am saying: if a + b

a new a + b search?

ok.. the other one gone kind of formal imho.. if a + b a might be single entity or a single cluster + is an addition activity b might be another single entity or a cluster however, as a search language/organism a + b can not stay as is, it needs linking.. For example, we […]

happen luck, fortune, fate hap befall occur come-to-pass, happening event

the confabulation search of stuff like hap. Each term, each word, each dna strand lives as a sequence who’s links are contentiously confabulated and searched as to their plastic nature through how we can imagine them. I really like the term Fork. I can fork a keyboard and a cat, also a cloud – but […]

in a linked sequence you don’t need to kill me to assert yourself

No need != none. Hence a possibility rather than utopia. A possibility that could bring its own harsh outcomes, rather than a complete positive. Its another kind of doubt – i doubt? In an unlinked culture, a painter, mathematician, etc., can adhere and cultivate traditions, or attempt to “break”. The “break” is to assert a […]