in a linked sequence you don’t need to kill me to assert yourself

No need != none. Hence a possibility rather than utopia. A possibility that could bring its own harsh outcomes, rather than a complete positive. Its another kind of doubt – i doubt?

In an unlinked culture, a painter, mathematician, etc., can adhere and cultivate traditions, or attempt to “break”. The “break” is to assert a certain authenticity, individuality, a newness, a freshness, an assertion of the self in a way that is Oedipusian – need to kill your “parent” to Be. Or, need to Continue, need to be within the already defined, be becomes meaning and meaning is to conserve the already developed as a known meaning. eg religion. (written slightly convolutely as to illustrate the innate complications I think tradionality cultivates.)

However, if there is a link that is a search sequence. How to: space is a long print of 2km thread being watched via microscope, a 4, a 16 sq, a 24 and a numerical bread. One can link – rather than experience or understand – to elements, notion, idea, etc. of the sequence. This is open via Being rather than Law!

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