the violence of Being

Am kinda listening to Zizek’s violence revisited where, at the beginningIsh of the tirade he is talking about violence a requirement to “be heard”. I want you to know I think of A B and C + think X Y and Z, so I will violentiise(??!!) the Statements – else I will not be heard/taken seriously..

It seems to me that this is a conservative view/approach that takes the Gap between meaning and being as a given. I hit you, but intend this as a kiss. I make a sound, however it means – I intend it – to be an living entity. It isn’t. I know it is just a sound. Its ontological life is my imagination of it Being alive. How do I make it alive?
I invest power and violence in my intent. The intent will be with a threat – if You disagree, I’ll hurt you, is this sound a live now? Or I’ll place it in a rhythm, Sound, sound, sound sound sound, SoundSoundsoundSound Sound, soundsound, ssssOUNddSound!! Or A narrative, this Sound is very special because it came from our great Great and special foreparents from long long ago. This was the sound that helped them to keep Alive, and if you listen to it, carefully, you can still feel the energy of keeping organisms alive. Sound. Listen carefully.. Sound. They then knew the correct way of making the spell of this sound. They worked hard on keeping this knowledge from one generation to another. Sound.. That knowledge was lost because.. etc..

Will you now recall sound as a living entity?

Well.. I argue that the above process is precisely the difficulty of power and violence. We want to make spells. We want X to be and to be true – even if it isn’t. Just make the poor wealthy. Just make the sick healthy. Just bring the dead to life!
Just make the wrong right – NOW!!!!!!!!!
Yes, this is very understandable. But also a bit lazy.. I think that the gap – when is there – between the being of X and my intent, is because I want it to mean something. If I was just doing the X, make the X Be – then if I do it correctly, X will simply Be. It will be immanent onto itself. In that sense there is a certain violence of Being..
Maybe am conflating violence with energy..?

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