a vengeance from revenge?

Anything todo with the coup in turkey?

Probably.. I just don’t understand -why vengeance?

Power needs to assert itself though fear, no?

Have you never been blinded by anger?

Yes – that’s the point.. If you are blinded, why operate as if you can see?

But anger is there as well.. Do we not need to rid of it somehow? Maybe vengeance is one way?

It is a boomerang way, no?

I avenge you then you avenge me avenging you and so on?

..but how else can a person assert their power and sense of dignity?

Can I not say that I could have taken vengeance – but didn’t?

It could be the case – but then, its a statement, perhaps infact, you couldn’t and someone might fancy testing that?

But if I did do the revenge and vengeance – then again am opening a way for someone to avenge that wrong action, no?

Perhaps here is a good example of the illegitimacy inherent in power?

Hummm.. I doubt that.. Perhaps a good example of how to not do stuff at most?

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