algiers and baka?

was just watching
On the face of it, this appears to be a colonial, racist, sexist and misogynistic film. It begins with the special criminal status of kasbahs. They are of strange people and impregnable by police. The main dude is a criminal that treats women like dirt.
However, despite the declarations of dubious nature, declarations and statements that just wouldn’t wash in places like contemporary britain or europe, the way the narrative actually operates, the way the story is being moved – is actually contrary to the way the statements function.
The colonial police fancy ignoring life’s realities and stating that they indeed seriously wounded main dude and only need to wait for him to die.
However the truth is that local police kahoona is slowly closing in on main dude criminal.

Main dude criminal has all women at the behest of his feet and he rather likes it that way. However, his eventual capture – indeed, even momentary capture evasion – is due to women. He has the guys around him well figured, but the women bring him the demise police Chief kahoona is working towards,.

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