an end from algorithms?

an end for algorithms?

..maybe Of some kind of algorithms?

Lets Search FROM “pattern evolving algorithms“?

What does it mean?

I think, an algorithm that might: 1. recognise something as being a patten without that pattern being prior to that recognition. 2. Once there is a recognised pattern, to evolve it in a way that it might stop being a pattern, that kind of pattern and mix/have-kids with other such elements (patterns or not)?

What’s the idea with all that?

Say we have an algo as described, it will need to search for patterns, right?

To recognise patterns, It seems like searching for them is a way?

However, if you search for something you already have an idea about 1. is it a search or a research? and apart from seeming semantics.. 2. how can it go “oh, actually, I thought this was a pattern – but its not” after deciding it was indeed a pattern? 3. How can the algo go: “it used to be a pattern, but not anymore following X evolution”?

Is that a “search from”?

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