between liking, affinity and corruption in art?

Do you find ideas from post representationalism interesting?

The ideas are fairly wide, no?

What do you mean?

Well.. Can we not say there seem to be at least 3?


Are you talking about psychology?

What is taken nowadays as art?

Can we call abstract painting as post-representational?

Can we not say that abstract numbers are post representational?

Know of any non abstract numbers?

Shall we say there’s the Lets’ turn the museum into a post representational place full of educationalism?


Is this a euphemism for Instrumentalist?

How about the post representational in terms of need to be not and un represented for being? To be unseen and anonymous?

As in imagery that highlights anonymity?

How about highlighting by absence?

Aren’t they all such clever ideas?

Is this sarcasm I smell?

No. Seriously – for example, Hito is really questioning how we might consider imagery, no?

However, do they seem like clever ideas since they link with contemporary cultural experiences – and, in fact – represent these cultural currents?

Consider or imagine?

Well.. I do like these ideas, however, they seem to be corrupted no?

Corrupted? Isn’t that a strong term?

There seem to be an unacknowledged interval between premises, ideas and activities, perhaps even materialities?

What did you just say?

When the museum is a time space when people represent stuff for each other – educationbally or other wise – the fact that they might not think of it representationaly, doesn’t make it so, right?

Perhaps there’s a mix up in your mind, my friend?


Well.. Post representational is to do with a Focus, lets focus on Other stuff in the museum/visuals/etc. – other than representational, no?

Would you say Beuys was “representational”?

Is this to do with his idea that people experience an Akt from which they can debate etc.?

Is post-modern = non-modern? Is post-representational = non-representational?

Hummm.. In that case.. are we not facing a certain artistic algorithm?

An art algorithm?

A sort of machine run that considers art to be via certain means and in particular times and spaces?

Are you saying art is infact an algorithm?

Is it not a question by capital – how can we make money from this visually/aurally/conceptually arresting stuff?

From spectacles?

or spectacle-able?

How much money can one do from a number?

Which one?


Knowing the number can make you shit loads!

But can you own it?

Like owning an abstract painting?

Or even owning a colour like venba black?

See.. Isn’t it that once its’ a property to be owned, it can not be such an abstract?

Are you saying that since post rep stuff is a focus alteration for how we already seem to imagine art to be – the caboodle isn’t radical?

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