an infinity from finite?

If infinity, how finite?

If an infinity between 1 and 2, can you see the finite?

Nope. The 1 and the 2 are not finites but approximations, are they not?

Is this to do with algorithms?

Oulipo perhaps?


Like an infinite combinations within a specific/finite algorithm?

Or within a set of rules oulipo style?

Humm.. Interesting re Oulipo and infinity, I think.. Is it not that Oulipo itself could be infinite, however the projects that are tagged by “oulipo” are in fact finite?

In the way that Oulipo, at least with certain projects, might continually be enriched?

As in projects find their infinities in Oulipo?

Why focus on that?

How is it with algorithms and infinity?

Are hueristics infinite?

Perhaps the premise of the question – using Finite – is all too silly?

How would it be better re-phrased?

What about Infinities from approximations?

Aren’t approximations infinite?

Sure.. Like 0.9~ ?

However, approximations are a kind of infinite, maybe an infinite that allows “linking infinities” between one approximation to another?

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