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art and the feeling of being terrorised with a bot?

Is this about the book Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline?

Is this from the detention of someone carrying the book Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline for a honeymoon?..

An art book to a honeymoon = detention?

In that video, where they detailed the kind of activities deemed to be “art” – did she mention paintballing?

Oh! The terror of a paintballing pic with an isis joke caption?

Why, when they detailed a very limited kind of activities as “art” – why this in itself is not a terror?

Someone feeling terrorised?

Perhaps someone feeling a terorrisation of culture?

A terrorisation of art, or of culture?

Perhaps the terror of expression?

Like art as an expression?

Art as a manifestationistic practice?

Or art as a representational oriented practice?

Is there a legit question under the perception of art as being representational?

Is there a legit question under spelling terrorisation with an S or a Z?

Can we ask the spelling bot?

Could we not spell it with a 5? Terrori5ation anyone?

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