art & life question – a short jot

Art & life | Life & art is a question that does not seem relevant for me – however, it seems different for some people around, hence linking a few words/thoughts regarding that. I think..
(also, noticed that the international-necronautical-society has stuff to say re dichotomy they perceive of “life” & “art” A bit strange for me as death is so integral from, not just for, life..No?)

It seems like a perhaps the separation from art and life has a few aspects:
* In “life” we seem to be doing – getting involved and linked – elements that are functional. Elements that seem contingent and immanent to existence, survival and at times even beyond that – but still in the physical realm. (eg we could survive without food taste to our delight – but still do that and perceive such tastes as part of life)
Art, being of aesthetics, sensations that are just there and do not appear to have a direct link, relation, cause-effect, etc. on Being in life, is dysfunctional to non and un-functional range, might seem sort of “remote” and not part of life.
* The perpetrators of art, aka artists but not always nor not just artists, have a history of reflection, reflection and intersecting with elements perceived as “life” – hence cultivate an impression that there is “life” interval “art”. A person in the toilette, someone watching(interval), a photo of the person in the toilette(“art”).
* Art seem to require a space for, of and from its own.
Art, to enable the imagination processes involved and their practice, seem to require the cultivation of taking the artistic process itself outside of the daily routines of survival, and even thrival, so art’s energy and capacity to question and enthuse the way we do imagination in culture and cultuvate the process – have a certain space time. (eg, art gallery/museum/cinema/festival/etc..)
* Imagination, which art linked practices seem to be constantly and timelessly, involved with, is perceived as dichotomic to life. eg We seem to tend to sequence imagination as:
x imagines y – then x might want to “realise”/”implement” the imagined y. As if imagination Is a plan. As if Imagination – in and of itself – is lifeless..
* Perhaps this might seem a cynical element, however am not aiming cynically by claiming that perhaps Value links to art effects/objects/processes/projects – even practices (eg painting is “more” than animation, that is “more” than genetic play, etc..) – gain more financial value if/when art is separated from “life”. Then the “art” can be claimed to be unique (eg has a scarcity value) by having to be accessed via various socio, political, cultural and financial barriers that can be excused by the claim that art is Not life – or Outside of “life”..

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