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The kremlin’s rt.com is happy to to feature a recent lords’ report critical of eu (and uk’s involvement in it) in relation to ukraine’s situation with russia currently..

It seems like from rt’s pov the report goes in-line with it’s attempt to portray “the west” as being in some sort of “decline”. An on-going theme on the website, at least. Or at least in my reading..

From a uk pov though, please bare, the lords’ report is a way to distance from eu’s actions – by the establishment, ie freaking Lords – and possibly position the british policies slightly differently in relation to russia and the ukraine.
Am thinking that because the report shows the uk’s appreciation ability of the other – be it russia – and a sort of willingness to engage based on what the establishment terms “legitimate” concerns.

However, the report has something else, more curious in my view, and rather innate in critique of this kind. It places the british establishment, a picture of its culture, as an open and self critical – if not even honest for some minds. It definitely is in contrast to the kremlin’s culture of critique, openness and honesty.
In this way, in a sense, the process itself, of producing the report, offers in the mind of self-critical, openness seeking and honestly honest attempting people – many of whom getting into positions of cultural power – developing a certain admiration to british culture. A very western west culture..

In this sense, I think its ironic the rt reporting and highlighting the report.. In a sense it couldn’t not to..(?)

This reminds me a few years back, a good friend, an established author and a self professed supporter of palestine, told me that despite his decades long ill feelings, thoughts and general negative associations towards the oppressive, criminal, and deadly occupying forces of palestine – he can not stop himself having a sense of some admiration towards the zionist’s ability to be slef critical and indeed put into account figures high in their political scale. (this includes the critique of sabra and shatila – which lead to a defence minister being barred from being such a minister – but not from being a prime minister..)

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