bitcoin for controlling people?

Can be.. Here comes a “govcoin” “benefit” payments?

Govecoin? Does it mean a privatisation of benefits?

Seen this vid?

Yes.. Fairly instructive.. Like, how to control people’s expenditure on the cheap.. ie make sure a coin is used only for x provider, etc.. But did you notice the false transformation at the beginning?

What do you mean?

Cheap..? Is that why microsoft et al are interested in coineum?

Surely.. You mean ethereum?

When they say: technology so powerful, transforms the pillars of society?

Oh! LOl passed me by.. How can you transform while keeping powers as they are?

Yes.. No question of power and hierarchies to begin with.. But is it not also an inherent deceit in the way technology, digital technologies, are to begin with?


Look.. Digital technologies.. Stop me when you think am mistaken.. These technologies, they are made of algorithms, yes? Algorithms are automation of processes, yes? If we are talking automation..

Hold on.. Deep learning? AI?

Look, even if we use algorithms of probability, or that learn how to improve – its always within given parameters that shouldn’t be – or can not be – questioned by the automation process.. A food AI might produce some new food, might cut middle people, might free up land, might make food free, and all sorts – but will it ever be able to produce a food for thought?

It might, if you provide that probability, no?

A food AI with metaphorical capabilities?

Yes.. Why not?

OK.. Say we talk of a farmer AI.. Will it ever be able to say – sod that, am going to the city to be a street bummer?

Why would it want to?

Well.. Point is, if it doesn’t, then it is within a certain set of unquestionable automation rules, see?

Ahhhaaa!.. Could be.. Where were we?

Yes.. Automation.. So.. if digital technologies are made by, from and for automation, then we are talking automating current activities.. In a sense, they can only contribute to making current processes more efficient, not to question and revolutionise them.. Right?

They talk of transformations, no?

Also.. Could we not automate stuff that isn’t here yet?

Like what?

A technology that produces new dna sequences everytime network packets meet one another without greeting?

You mean bumping into one another?

Why would we want to develop that kind of stuff?

Because it isn’t here?

Why not some other stuff that isn’t here?

..or if we did develop stuff that utterly isn’t – will someone mention that in fact, that process is an automation of a particular process..? 😉

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