burqa ban as a mickymousisation of human right?

France’s burqa ban upheld by human rights court.

A human rights court is basically cool with the idea of a majority restricting a minority as that restriction does not seem to violate human rights?
Is this not a little bit like the former muslem brotherhood regime in egypt being fine with the idea of restricting or obstructing coptic christians activities on the account that if the majority is against these activities then the majority has the right to have its will done over any given minority – by the virtue of being more people.

I thought that the rule of law was to protect people from exactly such sequences. The majority can not have a “right” to impose a will, because that is a usage of brutal power – that of numbers – rather than discursive arguments.
Moreover, the whole idea of human rights in legislation is to protect people’s from being restricted, to enable people to live how they are free of the need to fear others – even if there is something very strange about their acts.

Perhaps, if as the french say, the legistlation is not targeting islamic women, then every sane person in france should wears mickymouse mask?

or asterix?

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