selling/letting/offering, a bit like an if?

Just bumped into the letting a flat 3mx3m for £255pcm. The surprise in mind was that some might have actually seriously contemplated the idea. ie if there is an offer, maybe someone will inevitably actually take it?

The being an offer, an if flat of 3mx3m in and of itself does not seem like forcing the issue. However, in a violent environment, it does force the issue because the size/price ratio works to increase larger proporties prices and makes it more plausible that a person desperate for a place – might actually contemplate the offer?

In that sense that is not a genuine offer for choice. There is a punishment attached. If you do – or not – get the place, then it will raise other properties prices.

In that sense it can be argued that its a form, an act of an offer rather than a fearless offer..?

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