the if ab animal/organism??

if ab = suggestive/sleepy/cafenated/etc

The organism(??)/sequence(??)/rhythm(??) comes from the if ab.

say it is a suggestive sequence:
if, while, once.
if ab
while ab
once ab*

* am a bit cautious re once because it might also be speculative as it can refer to a future ab..

From this view, suggestive, while pointing towards a future – if a and b got to be together/occured – it is suggesting them rather than producing a speculation re longevity, viability, or otherwise. Indeed, the very production of subsequent speculation is, partially, a vindication of the operationability of the suggestion.

THe only thing here is that the suggestions are pretty limited in their ways and the speculation they might arouse.

In a sense, there is a sequence of suggestion-speculation which can actually be embraced. I seem to ask people to be suggestive with me, which is wrong. I can be suggestive and they can “answer” with a speculation.
The art, the link is still suggestive rather than focusing on the speculation. The suggestive offers both a speculative reply and/or another suggestive link. If this was only speculative, it would have been discriminating against suggestion..

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