the difference between(??)

if/speculation and then(suggestion – or is it the other way around??

I think it is the other way around, no?

if – if i drink water and sugar (I know that i can at least imagine water and sugar, because i, err, just did. In the same way i can IMAGINE, conjour in my inner perception, moon and sugar. IF MOON & SUGAR. If banana shaped space, etc.
These are only in the language and realms of imagination as is for and from itself because these suggest a certain friction between X elements..

If there was a THEN, or Once there is a then, perhaps a speculative element comes in. If Moon and Sugar, then we might lick the moon and it will taste sweet. Or Then we might find a lot of sugar on the moon. Or Then you might be Mad to consider that the moon and sugar can mix without human intervention. etc.

on the other hand, the IF AB, eg, IF MOON & SUGAR might also have a suggestive responce as well:
eg – if moon and salt, if moon and cinnamon, if every moon has a spice to mix with, if not the moon but pluto as a sort of solar system moon and sugar as a moon for food?

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