Goals as metrification of desires?

Occupied by capitalism? I think I am. For a while, I have been occupied by the idea of money’s exchange-ability. The numericality of currency, in various forms, which seems to make everything conform to its values, processes, practices, mechanisms, politics and culture. ie, from the question of people’s choice of university courses based on hoped […]

selling/letting/offering, a bit like an if?

Just bumped into the letting a flat 3mx3m for £255pcm. The surprise in mind was that some might have actually seriously contemplated the idea. ie if there is an offer, maybe someone will inevitably actually take it? The being an offer, an if flat of 3mx3m in and of itself does not seem like forcing […]

an instant bit of ownbit coin coinage?

I think its rather interesting how quick, or better put – the speed of the rhythms – in which stuff is being automated and instantised.. (perhaps enshrined and killed.. some might argue..) Bitcoin can now be seen as simply a marketing question. You can go to http://coingen.io/ and begin your own.. For a small bitcoiny […]

workers run factory in greece – Vio.Me

A documentary re workers run factory following the capitalistic take over in greece circa 2011 Its interesting, perhaps wrongly, to watch the links between workers and “organisational helpers”. Might be using the wrong term, but the way “intelectuals” & “workers” operate together, eg here as information facilitators to activities that materialise the information. In my […]

against the surplace for our requirements?

The rage in anatolia/turkey/asia-minor’s cities like istanbul seems – from a brighton perspective – to be against the political activities of the regime. These activities raised some people’s ire because they seem to advance a religious – rather than secular agenda and policies – which will arbitrarily benefit the few and fail to take the […]

social coin – http://www.arty….

social coin – http://www.arty.li/Z5j – attempts to represent rather than Be a ThankYou! perhaps a common misunderstanding of #art?