Had a quick check of this documentary about the, err, ability of these guys to present stuff, this time Liberia, in a sensationalsied manner.

Liberia, was formed by a sort of reversed coloniaisation by freed african linkable slaves. (..with a help from others who might have had a different view of colonianisation..)

The documentary had a few focuses, such as the scars of the civil war, cannibalism, poverty where poverty as a term seems rich, and more..
Towards the end, the narrator mentions his surprise(??!!) – or something to that effect – that there seem to be so much religion, lots of churches and people actually using them, among all the drugs, prostitution, killings, cannibalism, and so forth..
I am surprised at his surprise.. Not a very good way of putting it, but hey.. Religion goes precisely with lack of humanity, lack of art, lack of education, lack of medicine, etc.. Religion, among other stuff, seems to come as a cheap and often poor replacement for appeasement of the poor. Keep people where they are at while allowing life to, kinda, go on..
Is it not?
Am wondering how come he was surprised.. I wonder if that has anything to do with some perceptions or culture of religiousness in the usa? I think, I get the wind of, that in the us of a a church goes person seems automatically positive. Or a neighbourhood without a church, seems to be taken sort of negatively? (church is kind of a catchall for some communal worship place..)

against the surplace for our requirements?

The rage in anatolia/turkey/asia-minor’s cities like istanbul seems – from a brighton perspective – to be against the political activities of the regime. These activities raised some people’s ire because they seem to advance a religious – rather than secular agenda and policies – which will arbitrarily benefit the few and fail to take the whole of society into consideration.
The demonstrations against the regime are aping Occupy movements’ tactics, and that, in my mind, sparked a possible link to be made between the pro-social nature of Occupy activities, be them in political capitalist economy context, or its relative in the religious political state.
Religion & numerical-based-exchange economy are both inventions that create and thrive on scarcity. Be it scarcity of numbers to exchange (money), or availability of belief-based-legitimacy – people’s social, cultural and personal requirements are bound to the arbitrariness of religion & capitalism through scarcity invention.

I doubt policies of abundance are in call for as the “answer” for scarcity because this seems to be a naive dialectical knee jerk reaction loop..