tim berners-lee’s web?

Why the guardian gave a rather prominent opinion piece for tim berners-lee recently? That’s a silly question – what are you driving at? Perhaps the logic that if someone is perceived as an inventor of something-x, their opinion is taken as somehow more valid? (re something-x) I think there’s a more interesting issue at hand. […]

tories cruelty and cultural DNA?

When a DNA might be metaphorical, perhaps its a repetition of acts of same type. When the tories of 90’s kept and justified keeping a prisoner in chains while she was giving birth, people got a bit upset realised the conservatives are a nasty party. A rather more contemporary version is cruelty to the Outsider? […]

lego #art and no-go all gone?

Lego refused selling some of its bricks to ai weiwei saying the rather not get linked with politics? (Or perhaps the meant politics critical of china? So some people who already have some of the lego bricks, decided to donate their bricks to ai. When people decide to boycott lego’s products, do they not make […]

i call it exploit you call it maximise?

In a forbes text, the writer accepts that employers do discriminate financially against people who work for them the longest. More over, he also says that: “I don’t fault employers and businesses for the market because it’s their right and duty to maximize their profits.” While agree that there is no sense of morality within […]

non disruptive disruption in capitalism?

non disruptive? because it is all for continual property exploitation. How can X entity, taco-bell/etc., continue exploiting customers, workers, society, politics, environment, etc. for its own profits to keep. (..and keep growing these profits.) Is this the conservative “turn”? http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/06/meet-taco-bells-resident-disruptor/373153/ http://uvaclubs.virginia.edu/blog/2014/06/creative-connections-jeff-jenkins-clas-99-resident-disruptor-taco-bell/

uber – an example of intrinsic exploitation of capitalism?

London tube workers want to make services better for all. I might disagree with methods, however striking in a capitalist society sometimes, unfortunately, changes things because we talk to people who understand only one language – power. Here’s an example. Uber, the “disruptive” taxi – sort of – business, seems to realise that people might […]

raspberrypi and cultural banana skins in pi?

There’s a new raspberry pi like board coming up. Banana pi – apparently. More expensive yet faster than Raspberry pi board pimped by a company that seems to hail from china. It seems like the might have a different idea about the whole board computing wave thing than the raspberry pi crew. Where as the […]

when a gamble is no gamble times 2?

In this aljazeera show re capitalism recent performance, there is a guy from lse that basically says something like: The “financial crisis” couldn’t have been forecasted because “the economy” is so complicated – its very hard to tell. There are so many elements involved in economic exchanges and behaviours, that its simply impossible for us […]

entrapments of palestinians – metphors for living occupied by capitalism?

Was just reading a review of Omar, a film by the same guy that did paradise Now! Should search for this.. Just reading the review, I was wondering why I find this so arresting.. Nothing in my life is really connected to experiences of being an occupied person/entity. However, beyond the empathy with the Other, […]

the benefits of ignorance and ignorant population

as illustrated by power? (err.. microsoft and little helpers?) Seems like uk gov is seriously considering to change the default documents from microsoft (*.doc) to open doc format (*.odf). Hence, in the name of choice, fueled by money, supported by short memories and the myth of knowledgeable population that does most things they might get […]

illegitimate jobs – stock brokers and female genital mutilation?

I think its very encouraging to see Female Genital Mutilation getting some space time and criticism it deserves. I hope pieces like in the link above, in which a mutilator wonders about what she might do for livelihood if the practice stopped, could also open up other debates regarding customs, jobs, and legitimacies.. For example, […]

contract killing in britain and capitalism?

aesthetics of absent killing? well.. seems like there are people desperate enough to kills, pay and get paid for killing others – and they are not just in the armed services.. The bram uni survey seems very interesting indeed even if only the subject – contract killing – is both sort of taboo and subject […]

healthy optout aesthetics?

Was looking at the looming privatisation of nhs patients data: Penis Jelqing – A Critical Exploration in this Penis Exercise http://www.nhsdatabase.info a somehow clearer info for opting out: Your choices noticed how optout is kind of being obscured..? am wondering if how might be interesting to do optout aesthetics and use, sort of possible mass […]

fearlessness common sense flat-earthian

aesthetics? A new gun designed for women has just been launched. The name, and supposedly, motivation, was/is a rape in delhi that shocked the world. So.. In a capitalist mind: humm.. we have a problem, some guys rape women. * are we going to tackle this culturally? (eg delegitimisation, cultural practiced forms of rape, cultural […]

cnbc are Pro (corrupted/criminal) migrants?

check this clip.. they say: oh, rich chinese flee china? – isn’t it fab most come to Us of A? why do they flee china? – errr.. seems like the rich don’t like crackdowns on corruption.. so.. apart from the will to have generally rich people coming and driving prices up and all the misery […]

uber uber competition traditionalist uber under the blurb –

antisocial, anti cooperative, anti democratic, anti peaceful activities, anti fairness, anti decency, anti human, anti environment, anti honesty, anti transparency, anti friendship, anti innovativeness, anti your rights, anti thriving, and like a little child – self centered egocentric?? There was some stuff today on twitter# re uber “taxi services” in paris and a bit of […]

illogical, a capitalistic hypocricity, or fallacy?

Illogicality, in general, doesnt seem like a bother, in fact it seems that life – or even being – is not entirely logical. To use oxygen, we need to burn, a process that in itself isn’t danger-less.. Might have been more “logical” to have a different approach.. (illogicality – hence many people might have difficulty […]