tories cruelty and cultural DNA?

When a DNA might be metaphorical, perhaps its a repetition of acts of same type. When the tories of 90’s kept and justified keeping a prisoner in chains while she was giving birth, people got a bit upset realised the conservatives are a nasty party.
A rather more contemporary version is cruelty to the Outsider? Hence remaining with other people’s bodies and their health, we get a tory government that fancies charging people in A n E. Say a tourist comes on holiday and has a sudden heart attack, are they going to be left in the streets if they didn’t have money of travel insurance? (actually some of my american based friends told me that they do not do travel insurance.. they were not sure why..) Which Dr will refuse a treatment to save a life based on in-ability to pay?
OK.. Lets say they’ll make it so you get treated any how, but a hefty bill will follow you.
What will happen with people who happen to visit here, but can not afford UK prices?

Another question is indeed a Kafkaesqu one, when arbitrary events occur with no need, when a culture of distance between a feeling of need, wishes and actual activities is developed, when an instinct to help another has to be surpassed by a legalised act that makes no sense – these are 1st tested with outsiders. Then the social outsiders – and progressively, the act will reach each and every one in the social body. That is when X is being accused of something no one knows?

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