the benefits of ignorance and ignorant population

as illustrated by power? (err.. microsoft and little helpers?)

Seems like uk gov is seriously considering to change the default documents from microsoft (*.doc) to open doc format (*.odf).
Hence, in the name of choice, fueled by money, supported by short memories and the myth of knowledgeable population that does most things they might get paid for, microsoft attempts to argue that to have more choice, uk gov should not adopt open doc format..
In other words, the company that once punished you if you used other formats as well as its own, the organisation that still restricts people’s usage and tech dev for its formats, the monolith that imagines its cool to attempt getting more and more people using its technologies despite their needs or age, the same microsoft tha makes its programs heavier with each iteration – they are the ones that talk of choice while sounding sane?
eg – lets forget and forgive, but have more fore formats around so as to have more, err, choice.

this might sound sane idea of choice when we imagine that choice is about having a few options to select from, yes?

However, is there no sequence that is linked? Perhaps a few of them?
eg – a fearless process of selection? a selection process that is questioned itself? ..or indeed, a selection process that doesn’t endanger, but enables and stimulates new ideas?

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