lingo language and communication

comm systems?

In this book about semantics: “semantics” by F. R. Palmer, the text goes on to talk about the definition of language, at list from semantic studies context.

Am probably about to generalise, however at times general extrapolations do work… If there is indeed a different between languages and communication systems..

The sequence red in english is a red that can be applicable for various systems which will provide it with specific local meanings. eg red in traffic lights, red of apples, etc..

Like science providing elements for technology to do its worst, like art providing any person exposed to its processes to be inspired, like philosophy offering questions for theorists to elaborate, and as organic materials offer ranges of possibilities for organisms to form – so do languages to communication systems.

This DOES noT try to imply One is more important than another, but to simply describe a sequential link – not even a relationship.. Perhaps a sequential connection even.. I am interested in the language, in the art, however only because am not very comfortable with the communicative bit. There are some people who can do both.. Perhaps one day I could, at the moment, am not.

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