how does it mean?

When meanings are clothes – encasing, capturing, offering an irrefusable protection, insurance against time. An assurance for life’s inevitable unpredictive relentlessly pulsating continuity, connecting unlinkable signals, communication attempts crawling through commonly supported ready-paved algorithmic calculations that, to live and continue their beat, require a culture whose dna is an infinite shades of violence – I […]

which gallery does dna?

the dna from belin based international artists? a transatlantic contemporary art dna? a young artists’ dna from beauty and art marriage? a dna armchair? the dna from gallery and artists shop? a double d from dna design? the dna of an art residency invite only? a gizmo dna?

duchamp and my floor?

NOTE: The following post, I hope, is of a thinking/considering process that might reslove at the end. Still a question? ————- A few years ago, around 2012, there was an exhibition at Phoenix Arts in Brighton where they used raw boards for walls between spaces. Somehow, I managed to get these boards after the show. […]

isis or isil oh da’ash or daesh and lingo magic?

The washiongton post published an idea from France about calling “isis” by a different name. It seems like a sort of “trend” given that other people have some ideas of re-calling isis by some other terms. eg UnIslamicState (U IS??).. It seems rather curious to interesting that the idea of name and re-naming the stuff […]

lingo language and communication

comm systems? In this book about semantics: “semantics” by F. R. Palmer, the text goes on to talk about the definition of language, at list from semantic studies context. Am probably about to generalise, however at times general extrapolations do work… If there is indeed a different between languages and communication systems.. The sequence red […]

extermination sequence death summer winter all year round camp

or an imagination? When I was a child, there were no death camps made by Nazi germany. No. There were stories, recollections, memories, lives saved, bitterness harnessed, culture elaborated and evolved of extermination camps. However, the only element as far as people around me were concerned that bore similarity to death camps – is the […]

semantics or non communication as a signify of a language?

Perhaps not the best of headline for this post.. Have began Semantics by FR Palmer and intriguingly in my view, he elaborates about the difference between communication systems, eg red traffic light is to stop, and languages – where red, for example, can and does mean more than just stop.. Hence when I noticed a […]

have we computed yet..?

ok.. a bit of a predatoiry questiojn, however, it refers to the langugae of imagining computing as a practice.. How do we imagine computing as a searching and creative processes rather than some sort of task completion tool control process. In that sense, perhaps the understanding of computing is still harking back to uncomputable objects. […]

imagine the language-conversation between skateboard wheels and surfaces?

Recordings of the 2nd itteration of: how do you imagine the language-conversation between skateboard wheels and surfaces?

lingo lingo demantic ticks and impressions

Just had a read of X minister not worried AT all about her marginal high poverty high “immigrant” constituency, speaking against government plans to shut off Britain by attacking immigration further. Well, I think she might have a point regarding the question of language. Is a bond a bit like a bail? Is this a […]

now there.. @hypodotio, # lang…

now there.. @hypodotio, # language! #language! !language#

i like the fact #english is no…

i like the fact #english is not the only #language here. despite my very limited comprehension of other #languages

reading an intro to towards #e…

reading an intro to towards #evil #media studies – – interesting bit re representation & deflection via #object #language