an urgent sequence of emergence?

Reading a bit about the emergence of matter yet anti-matter material in a collider – a majorana particle with these kind of maths – got me into emergence again. To recap: A new, un seen before, sequence/particle that is both matter #& anti matter has emerged in a collider. The Emergence bit here is very […]

is this a historical plausible reading of computers and related evolution?

Is it that computing machines used to be sort of more general purpose mechanical devises that could apply their mathematical/calculative prowess to various areas, and as they evolve, seem to be more specific in build and calculation? eg we get more task specific devices than we used to, no? this one’s for gaming, that one’s […]

semantics or non communication as a signify of a language?

Perhaps not the best of headline for this post.. Have began Semantics by FR Palmer and intriguingly in my view, he elaborates about the difference between communication systems, eg red traffic light is to stop, and languages – where red, for example, can and does mean more than just stop.. Hence when I noticed a […]

safety and caution – a conflation? or a

cultural conservatism? Got an email from yahoo re an account I opened mid 90’s or there about, and used for spammable sign-ups since.. They said that the email is for “safety” as there was some unusual activity on that account. Safety? Say someone is hacking the account, and that was my prime used email. Safeness […]

rhythms of hegel acceleratism?

Zizek writes that Hegel seemed to have wittingly noted: secrets of the Egyptians are secrets for the Egyptians themselves. Zizek writes about this from the view of big-otherness, which is an interesting composition, I think. However, it occurred to me that in fact the Hegelian idea lacks the same elements acceleration solutions do: they miss […]