safety and caution – a conflation? or a

cultural conservatism?
Got an email from yahoo re an account I opened mid 90’s or there about, and used for spammable sign-ups since..
They said that the email is for “safety” as there was some unusual activity on that account.
Safety? Say someone is hacking the account, and that was my prime used email. Safeness of what?
That they read my most secretive thoughts? (perhaps they could decipher them for me..)
That they’d pretend to Be me? (..good luck!!)
That they’d delete everything? (lol the server has a time machine..)
That they’d learn where I live and pay me a visit? (..anyone with a bit of motivation could do that now as much as they could 107 years ago..)

..or is it a case of being cautious? If it is caution, then perhaps the question could be – should we culturally accept such caution, in such a circumstance? Is this cautious approach legitimate?
Is it like being cautious while in the process of road crossing, because we imagine other people’s movements to be legitimate in the public realm.
Or is it a case more like when there is a rapist on the loose and women get advised to stay at home..?
Is it that a hurricane is coming, or some Nazis/Fascists/Capitalists fancy having a go at people?

In that sense there might be here also a culture of cultural conservatism. A process of refining how to be cautious and feeling – arguably, rather than being – actually safe.
That is precisely the kind of stuff “anonymous” & wikileaks are a prime-visible elements/example of, no?

Perhaps/hopefully am wrong here, but these seem to be ways of accepting how stuff/life seems to be at the present, with all its oppressive measures and drives, and instead of changing, organisations like wikileaks say: you have to be afraid, very afraid – here is an advert for that, e.g. this/that person.
And anonymous seems to pipe off from that by saying – yes we are afraid, but need to live, so lets be unknowns to anyone – so there’s no comeback. Lets all just stay at home while the monster is loose..

But no-one does anything re monster, nor the home/house/building that in this digital kind of case, is really apple/google/fb/twitter/ms and your isp.. Is this safety? Cautiousness? Conservatism?

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