how to make a line out of time?

Lets say i fancy making a stretch of seemingly continuous colour that evidently begins and end in 2 different places? Something like: _______________ What exactly has that process involved? There are many “exacts”, each of which might be very interesting and relevant. However, here am trying to focus on time. Could a line such as: […]

more re anthropocene and the tempo?

From salvage I think a bit too early to crit with temporality in mind on the account that the period is unclear. It seems might be interesting to crit the very attempt to define the temporal in a scale, a geography, a given period – rather than a certain kind of an infinity. A […]

how to change time?

Evolution could be characterised as changes in time. Am wondering how time itself can evolve. Can time change? There are ideas that perhaps time flow in other universes might be different in terms of direction. What if there is a universal beat. A universal rhythmic characteristic of time that itself evolves – changes is spaces, […]

isis or isil oh da’ash or daesh and lingo magic?

The washiongton post published an idea from France about calling “isis” by a different name. It seems like a sort of “trend” given that other people have some ideas of re-calling isis by some other terms. eg UnIslamicState (U IS??).. It seems rather curious to interesting that the idea of name and re-naming the stuff […]

quick thoughts on strands, sequences and systems?

These thoughts follow a quick read about analogue computing – neuromorphic style. From a rhythmic point of view, the sequences and strands move/operate by reacting/interacting/connection/linking/exchanging with one another. The more these operations occur, the denser the proximity between strands and the frequencies of activities is quick/high. Because there are strands and sequences going in all […]

data on the web is too static

for the internet? Following the day we fight back‘s instance in brighton, some thoughts came to me regarding critique of how we do stuff. It seems for me, that at least to some partial extent, the ability of entities like google to use our content/data is precisely because We tend to imagine the data in […]

Data archiving for art??

How artists and art orgs etc archive their data? I have seen a post or posts about this subject recently on new-media curation, nettime and probably netbehaviour as well.. Something kind of felt un-easy about this subject and probably felt sort of melancholic joy being unable to point at wtf is that feeling.. Then I […]

daily links already?

art Priscilla Tea! Maciej Ratajski Cult of the Amateur? Day 1 generative language, science etc emergent and generative elements/properties Transformational-Generative Grammar from Ruth […]

propagative emergence generate?

seems like there is a certain sequence of emergentive, generative and propagation properties. its a sort of a rhythm? When conversing with a rock/object, or a sentient being, there are various elements of the sequence that we share.. A bit like sentiments like, oh, if we met when I was younger. Or I can do […]

an instant bit of ownbit coin coinage?

I think its rather interesting how quick, or better put – the speed of the rhythms – in which stuff is being automated and instantised.. (perhaps enshrined and killed.. some might argue..) Bitcoin can now be seen as simply a marketing question. You can go to and begin your own.. For a small bitcoiny […]

meaning search reality search creating meaning sequence?

Search Creating+Meaning Creating occasion Causation Law

when X is an X for Y rather than modernistic?

Some of my sequences of thoughts regarding ROO and linked approaches, were criticised – mainly by my own mind – as Modernistic at least in approach, or even in culture.. (as in the stuff they cultivate..) For example, the idea of getting a sort of quint essential rhythm of an entity is a sort of […]

Transvangarde Transvantgarde and money based art spectrum?

while checking for palesitian art residencies, I bumped into october art gallery and the term Transvanguarde art, together with a promise of its bright future – together with exhibitions of transvanguarde masters of 2012 & 2013. Really? Are they onto type error art and forgot a T? Are they referring to a re-use of transavantguarde? […]

sequences rules frequencies and enablers with lawlessness?

Was checking a bit about sequences in maths. eg 1,3,5,7,9 then comes..? With the idea that there is a rule, you find it, apply that and get the result. eg 2 and next number is 11.. However, what if there are no rules, not really.. There are enablers that take you so far and that’s […]

being and aiming through meanings of meanings by meaning without?

Just write some stuff re Meanings on barbicantalk forum: … 2- I have learned a lot via this exchange, so placing yourself as “learning”, if I accepted that, would feel disingenuous.. For example, It seems that in your mind – I suspect the vast majority of people’s minds – there is an idea of seeking […]

rhythms of hegel acceleratism?

Zizek writes that Hegel seemed to have wittingly noted: secrets of the Egyptians are secrets for the Egyptians themselves. Zizek writes about this from the view of big-otherness, which is an interesting composition, I think. However, it occurred to me that in fact the Hegelian idea lacks the same elements acceleration solutions do: they miss […]

5 dimensions are 3 + 2 rhythms of storage?

Seems like down the road in Southampton they did 5 dimensional storage..? Not sure I misunderstand correctly, however the 3 usual dimensions seem to be joined by expanding and moving data nano elements that, in a sense, express themselves in rhythms.. (( I think perhaps my mind goes – if the link of substance, that […]