cosmic ocean art?

oceans can come to live as cosmic #artists since their imagination comes inscribed ontologicaly in their very co2 fabric. Imagination that comes UnDone when water materiality potentialities find themselves instantiated? This doesn’t point at potentia Everywhere – and potentia as #art (as i mistakenly claimed a few life times ago). possibly in certain kinds of […]

beep for artists in..?

With EIB – eternal internet brotherhood – etintbro – i will be seeking artists in palestinian controlled territories. It seems perhaps since am going to skateboard around, to have a possible link with motorists.. So am thinking to wear a sort of cape/longish top with one of the lines from: I should really go on […]

Data archiving for art??

How artists and art orgs etc archive their data? I have seen a post or posts about this subject recently on new-media curation, nettime and probably netbehaviour as well.. Something kind of felt un-easy about this subject and probably felt sort of melancholic joy being unable to point at wtf is that feeling.. Then I […]

a historically shapeless shape shapeless void in contemporary art?

Seems an interesting talk highlighting various necessary negatives needed/required for art – or art-ability? – to be? Also, it strikes me as a reminder of meanings and expression in art and that perhaps the view that artists do express themselves and share meanings – might actually be a shapeless remnant of a shape-full religious history […]

a quicky re art news

Can not find ANYWHERE one place – should there be such?? – for news about processes i might consider to actually possibly be art. Places like: etc seems to offer some visual oriented objects/projects/crystallisations – some might also be art, but have not seen yet.. Perhaps am not looking/searching deep enough. […]

#artists, #hackers fail

#artists, #hackers & other social activists leave the stage open for #google to blimp network exploit #africa?


i think this link is err linked between the 2 blogs.. Perhaps just because i am writing in both.. Though it could be beyond that..

choke end & kick crowd starter

Crowd funding sites seem to pop up like skin flakes following a nuclear bombing. Kickstarter is perhaps a well known & major contributor to that particular of current vogues, and perhaps that is why it is in the subject, but serves as a useful kicking example. Many years ago, in the heady days of 2003 […]

FabricaGallery is calling arti…

FabricaGallery is calling artists to try stuff in the gallery during Sept #bdf2013 – deadline: 02.04.13 – #brighton – a url shortener – a url shortener 4 #artists! Now with usage info (clicks, dates, last used.) for registered users