suggestive or declarative? both? or

propositional? say am stating stuff like search sequence: If flying coffee or when () proposes a question category link: (ie – that these terms are not together because they are declared to be so, but only as a proposal or a suggestion where the ()s bring various ideas regarding the links between the terms that […]

illogical, a capitalistic hypocricity, or fallacy?

Illogicality, in general, doesnt seem like a bother, in fact it seems that life – or even being – is not entirely logical. To use oxygen, we need to burn, a process that in itself isn’t danger-less.. Might have been more “logical” to have a different approach.. (illogicality – hence many people might have difficulty […]

hell made of pizzas?

Crowdwize site reddit users decided(??), to send pizzas for a child in a hospital. Nice? Now.. Where is the app that tells you how many pizzas are kind of enough? Is this the flipbit of emergent stuff? How do you get the signal its time to move on and emerge in some other way? ie […]

collecting foraging seaching verb + ing and my phone suddenly has its sp34k3r operating

I need to go out and skateboard. I must go out, skateboard and collect stuff am clueless how or what might it be. I will soon go out, after this is finished and am utterly confused or confubled whether am about to collect, forage, search or some other activity with skateboarding. Is that how art […]

a quicky re art news

Can not find ANYWHERE one place – should there be such?? – for news about processes i might consider to actually possibly be art. Places like: etc seems to offer some visual oriented objects/projects/crystallisations – some might also be art, but have not seen yet.. Perhaps am not looking/searching deep enough. […]