All activities worth while pursuing are these that fail and?

fold. They create blackholes that allows expanding trajectories to be tried. Gallery blackholes are cultural made of meanings.. Hence of a different kind..

a historically shapeless shape shapeless void in contemporary art?

Seems an interesting talk highlighting various necessary negatives needed/required for art – or art-ability? – to be? Also, it strikes me as a reminder of meanings and expression in art and that perhaps the view that artists do express themselves and share meanings – might actually be a shapeless remnant of a shape-full religious history […]

#art blackhole questions: claims, speculations, accusations, infiltrations, hopes, desires – negativities and the gallery? #bdf13

Art in the imagination or just images of imagination reflecting on body? Weight & Body Image Disorders: Causes, Symptoms & Signs art and stereotype and imagination reflecting on the social? creating it? Hopes and warp drives? Positive accusations of negativity? When the icon is not the disturbing element? Negative and negative […]

#art blackhole questions: the objects/elements around the gallery? #BDF13 (elements as “the elements”? Are the elements a gallery?) (objects internationalised?) (object as a name or a pun?) (OOP and a gallery?) (objects, elements, images, and HTML?) (OOP as out of place as a gallery?) (OOP as Alley Oop in a gallery?) (another Out Of Place gallery?) […]

#art blackhole – links to/from the gallery? #bdf13 (zelda’s image cache links?) (links as a name for a gallery?) (some of artbylt’s web links?) (links as html web based to galleries?) (links to local art connected activities?) (links to web resources?) (another links as a gallery name?) ( a domain name?) #artblkhole questions: the links […]

#art blackhole questions: the cultures in the gallery? #bdf13 (gallery for cultural focus?) (classical culture in contemporary gallery culture?) (a history with a story between itself and gallery culture?) (a culture and history of conflating museums and galleries?) #artblkhole questions: the cultures in the gallery? #bdf13 — aharon (@aharonic) September 4, 2013

#art blackhole the network around(?) the gallery? #bdf13 (an acronym and a neural network?) (virtual galleries curated on a network?) (an image gallery of computer networks?) (an image gallery of networking event?) (image being culturally associated with galleries, even in neural network context?) (image compression in neural networks?) (neural-based image production?) (the gallery as an […]

#art black hole – links to/from the gallery? #bdf13

#artblkhole questions: the links to/from the gallery? #bdf13 — aharon (@aharonic) September 4, 2013 by name or aspirations?) (perhaps connections between kind of objects production modes?) (a presentation of dogs?) (a No site, with a promise to use the gallery as a connector, a link, between the artist and the world?) […]

art black hole questions: negativities and the gallery? #bdf13

#artblkhole questions: negativities and the gallery? #bdf13 — aharon (@aharonic) September 4, 2013 (gallery of the double negative?) (a no gallery button?) (nothing but 3d typos?) (no gallery as a without gallery?) (a gallery called no?) (a gallery called un?) (show the folder/directory as an Un gallery?) […]

#artblkhole questions: the colours of the gallery? #bdf13

#artblkhole questions: the colours of the gallery? #bdf13 — aharon (@aharonic) September 4, 2013 (a history of wall colours in galleries.) (wall decor in black n white?) (wall as a gallery of photos in black and white?) (the folder gallery of colorq?) (the land as a gallery-able gallery of colours?) […]

#artblkhole questions: movements around the gallery? #bdf13

#artblkhole questions: movements around the gallery? #bdf13 — aharon (@aharonic) September 4, 2013 (glass movement?) ( in dance moves?) (“art” trajectories) (acceptable/encouragable trajectories?) (movement as a gallery?) (moving for fun?) (the gallery walk) (misreadablity to vehicles?) (the opera to imagine moving goya from his past […]

the art blackhole search – Initial Info

WTF?? The following attempts to describe the concepts, backgrounds and possible way to investigate & test how Fabrica‘s existence as an art related space, can be used and imagined at times of mass internet­ based networking. Internet networking, has affected how we can imagine the gallery because the culture of artefact exchanges is changes the […]

we have no art

Sister Corita – We Have No Art – Perhaps it is interesting in context of #blackholes and how perceptions of where, how, and what Art has evolved.. In many ways it seems she is advocating the kind of practices galleries are fairly happy to embrace nowadays, with all their attached political ideologies.. This is a […]

#practices of #neutrality?

#practices of #neutrality? eg instead of #art Vs anti-art – art-null, art-blackhole, art-none, unart, etc. in #imagination & #aesthetics?

nulling & voiding #power? movi…

nulling & voiding #power? moving into the meta binary #rhythms, #aesthetics & #imagination – practices of neutrality?

#power and #art in History of …

#power and #art in History of Sexuality – the resistance to power is part of oppression itself. to fight power we need to null & void?

the blackholes of white cubes – the turn to the blackholes

In this paper I will try to explore contemporary art blackholes where white places used to be, and perhaps the art not lives. The paper will be divided into 2: * Concepts and ideas. * A report about “How to imagine the Art gallery as an art blackhole?” – (HtItAGaaAB) Ideas and Concepts Internet networking, […]