#power and #art in History of …

#power and #art in History of Sexuality – the resistance to power is part of oppression itself. to fight power we need to null & void?

the blackholes of white cubes – the turn to the blackholes

In this paper I will try to explore contemporary art blackholes where white places used to be, and perhaps the art not lives. The paper will be divided into 2: * Concepts and ideas. * A report about “How to imagine the Art gallery as an art blackhole?” – (HtItAGaaAB) Ideas and Concepts Internet networking, […]

initial notes re blackholes art critics do in september

* The interest began when I realised that am going to do the Brighton fabrica gallery as an art blackhole. * The proposition: Talk at Blackholes art crit re the 3 days in Fabrica as an art/practice/question example of: no art – Do stuff/activity does not link or unlinks with art. either through intent or […]

gallery as an art blackhole – the practice (with brighton’s fabrica testbed in mind)

How to imagine the Art gallery as an art blackhole? (HtItAGaaAB) The following attempts to describe the concepts, backgrounds and possible way to investigate & test how Fabrica’s existence as an art related space, can be used and imagined at times of mass internet-based networking. Internet networking, has affected how we can imagine the gallery […]