#art black hole – links to/from the gallery? #bdf13

http://artpridenj.com/resources/connections-gallery/#.Uih99nc-vRY(connections by name or aspirations?)
http://connexionsgallery.net/ (perhaps connections between kind of objects production modes?)
http://canineconnectionnola.com/index.php?page=gallery (a presentation of dogs?)
http://artconnectionsgallery.com/ (a No site, with a promise to use the gallery as a connector, a link, between the artist and the world?)
http://careerconnections.hawaii.edu/career_connections/gallery.php (the gallery of your career connections?)
http://www.fumchs.org/connections-gallery/ (connection as an opening?)
http://www.houseofcrests.com/gallery_of_links.htm (the gallery as a list of links?)
http://gallerystreet.com/links.php (links of friends and allies?)
http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/information_links/gallery.htm (links as information and gallery as link?)

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