propagative emergence generate?

seems like there is a certain sequence of emergentive, generative and propagation properties.

its a sort of a rhythm?

When conversing with a rock/object, or a sentient being, there are various elements of the sequence that we share.. A bit like sentiments like, oh, if we met when I was younger. Or I can do x now..

Properties tend to emerge constantly, and most fade quickly, like stupid ideas. Some are sustained, or become sustainable, and then generative comes into the sequence, at least for a while. oh, its an interesting idea – that emerged – lets check what can be done, can it be sustained – ie is it generative?
Once generativeness is added to the sequence, the question of propagation will become relevant. The propagation is linked to the way emergent and generative elements interlink. Though it could also be a question of sequence links rather than consequences. ie emergent a If of E + G might have had a P added that was of incomparable with their link – hence the sequence died?

So when chatting with elements like sun-rays-type photons, or rocks, the links they are made of and the way their spacetime is sensed, should be considered…?
eg rocks rhythms are very slow.. emergence and sustainability elements seem very very tight, where as the propagation is utterly dependant on forces applied by other energies.. Hence very slow, yet can be hazardous..

So perhaps a rock will have more emergent frequencies that link with sentient beings but – because of their rhythms – collide with light..?

While this might be interesting, am suspicious of the analytical approach because the 3 elements, as a sequence, are not separated and indeed might be embedded within one another.. Perhaps its a question of accents?

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