does: ta ta ta-ta – tata have a meaning?

The rhythmic sequence of ta ta ta-ta – tata been in my head recently..

With thinking/contemplating/imagining if a+b a fair bit – perhaps too much -ta ta ta-ta – tata seemed linked as a question like this:

It seems like the fact the brain wants, initially, a then after if a+b, is kind of similar in sensation to doing: ta ta ta-ta. (without the tata).. I think it is not a sort of cultural “thing” learned over and over, but some more innate animalistic element because of the format. A call and reply. It lives in many rhythms and melodies as well as melodic rhythms.. 😉
Lets imagine a demonstration and someone shouts:
– no reply..

I’d love to Be there, to do that! The WHAT DO WE WANT??!! demo..

Anyhow.. In a sense, the reply gives a sense of closure, and more than that, of Meaning. WHAT DO WE WANT??!! THIS & THAT!!! The reply is the context.. Without it, the WHAT DO WE WE WANT, the call out, the ta ta ta-ta has no answer.. What is this? This is XYZ. We give meaning.. The meaning generation is of a communal negotiative process..

However, if we want to have just generation, just the preconfabulative spacetime and rhythms? If that link, to the pre-meaning, un-modified, nakedness of stuff, to the rawness of its materiality, to the fact its life and life is meaningless – then perhaps its just ta ta ta-ta?
If a+b?

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