error in !art as a program?

Following an interview on: I bumped into – Clicked refresh. Something wanted to do one thing or another. Had a look at the code. Supposed to pick images from a folder called scrap. Hummm.. An interesting sensation, no? My mind is, perhaps too heavily, into questions of performance, action, operation and intervals between […]

the look of a show not show?

The uniformity makes me think that this: is a show that attempts to perform a non show while being a performance that is not attempting to be performative but have to? Everybody ecstatic? Everybody holds same kind of flowers in both hands? Everybody suppose to feel the same? Everybody are not designated performers but […]

duchamp and my floor?

NOTE: The following post, I hope, is of a thinking/considering process that might reslove at the end. Still a question? ————- A few years ago, around 2012, there was an exhibition at Phoenix Arts in Brighton where they used raw boards for walls between spaces. Somehow, I managed to get these boards after the show. […]

emergence as operational procreative process or practice?

Photons might move very very fast, and that very quick movement, in the environment of space as we know on planet earth, operates together to emerge light rays and heat fr4om the sun. The light and heat, while emerging from the operation of photons and a certain environment, are operations that in and of themselves […]